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Data Science Engineer


Master's in Data Science

UC Berkeley



UC Berkeley, Location


Relevant Work Experience

Data Science Engineering Intern


May 2016Aug 2016

  • Utilized Spark to scale out a machine learning feature selection tool called OrgDNA@Scale to handle more than 1.3 million rows of data locally, and more when connected to a cluster environment
  • Collaborated with Data Science and Data Engineering teams to make OrgDNA a configurable, modularized, and documented tool that can be used by both teams
  • Streamlines machine learning workflow and helps analysts to quickly develop a feature set for ascertaining business drivers for target variables

Implementation Intern


Oct 2015Dec 2015

  • Developed Data Explorer Reports on Tableau from customer data, designed to help users manage data quality and administration responsibilities at each school district
  • Implemented MySQL stored procedures to refine privacy for customers and aid in automatic deployment of Tableau reports

Data Analyst

Riviera Partners

Jun 2013Jul 2015

  • Conducted end-to-end report generation for executive managers, the marketing head, and clients: gathering necessary report requirements, using the various technologies (python, PSQL, excel macros, or HTML/CSS/D3.js files), and automating report generation through python scripts
  • Actively managed the PSQL database through complex queries and functions to make sure tables are up-to-date and to de-dupe candidate profiles
  • Performed ad-hoc analyses and individual exploratory analyses using R, Pandas (Python), Excel, and/or PSQL to provide numbers for marketing articles, bubble ideas about improving our recruiting workflows, or give managers snapshots of critical recruiter activities/revenue numbers to provide them extra awareness
  • Worked face-to-face with recruiters to influence data-entry accuracy and strategic workflow to ensure accurate and useful data

Relevant Projects

Good Eats on Campus

MIDS w209

May 2016

  • Built interactive data visualization web page that explores the Yelp Academic Dataset (500,00 lines of data)
  • Designed to cater to the data-centric foodie who wants to know about the best eats around college campuses
  • Utilized D3js, JQuery, and Python for the data munging on the backend    

BucketList (Personal Project)

Flask App

Jan 2016

  • Server-side development in python including user creation, password hashing, and setting cookies for log in/out status
  • Database administration in Postgres (connecting to app, designing schemas)
  • Client-side development in javascript, utilizing mostly jQuery to add interactions to aid user experience

Stock Price and Social Media Correlator

UC Berkeley MIDS w205

Dec 2015

  • Group project that pulled Twitter Streaming API data and Yahoo Finance stock data to test whether or not twitter sentiment scores would be a good predictor of stock prices
  • Utilized Spark and Python for data acquisition, and loaded data regularly onto an amazon EC2 instance, administered Hive tables for database modeling, and reported visualizations and analysis results onto Tableau and R


CS Python (Flask, Scikit-learn/Pandas/Numpy, Django, Pyspark), R (Shiny), Javascript (jQuery, D3), HTML/CSS, SQL, Hadoop, Hive

Analysis SQL, Excel, Tableau

Database Postgres, MySQL, Hadoop/Hive

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