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Engineering Manager


Enthusiastic learner with experience in software development, tech management and delivering complex products in a fast paced startup environment using waterfall and agile software development processes.

Technical Expertise

  • Scalable SOA design patterns using functional & object oriented programming
  • Languages: Ruby, Elixir, C++
  • Frameworks & DBs: Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, PostgreSql with Postgis, Redis, Memcached
  • Search Server: ElasticSearch, Logstash & Kibana
  • Other: RabbitMQ, Git, Nginx, Unicorn, AWS, S3, Resque & Sidekiq
  • Work Experience

    Engineering Manager, Mumbai

    Jun 2015Current

    • Responsible for handling new products & features in Ad Products, Rent and Supply cluster
    • Got an exposure to Elixir & Phoenix, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ broker and practised agile in large teams

           Led a team of 50 people who was responsible for:

    • Ad Products: Built lead and impression based ad products using Elixir, known for high concurrency and good fault-tolerance, where goal was to deliver predicted lead & impressions without compromising user experience. Helped the company to hit the revenue of 1.8Cr monthly (march,2016) in just 3 months.
    • Supply: Aim was to optimise the process of data collection and manual quality checks. Added flat duplicate detection using image descriptors & flat metadata matching, image tilt & burr detection, locality wise soft & hard validations. With the addition of offline building search, app is usable without internet connection too.
    • Rentals: To improve the search & discovery, added locality infographics to rent search pages using Elasticsearch aggregations.
    • Flatmates: To help users in finding flatmates, built a platform (native android and iOS apps with a backend on ruby on rails & postgresql) with functionalities like login, self upload, user & property search and chat.
    • Rental Agreements: Helping users to create online rental agreements. Product was configurable enough to support different templates.
    • Paying Guests: Improving search and discovery in PGs with real time vacancy updating using supply side product, BigBHK.
    • Housing Agent App: A diary for brokers to manage their properties and leads and share the same in the broker network

    Head, Server Side Development, Mumbai

    Apr 2014May 2015

    • Responsible for handling the backend development of all the products at Housing. 
    • Got an exposure to deployments using nginx, unicorn & aws, SOA and practised waterfall development model
    • Played a key role in streamlining processes for code documentation, code reviews, project management, test coverage, training, hiring & server monitoring.
    • Actively involved in hiring and helped tech team to grow from ~20 to ~200 in just 2 years. Also, went to 4 on site recruitments: IIT KGP, IIT Roorkee, BITs Pilani and IIIT Hyderabad.
    • Led a team of 20 people who was responsible for:
      • Improving the search & discovery in existing products like rentals, resale, PG & new projects.
      • Buit 3 new products: Home loans, Rental Agreements and Serviced Apartments.
      • Designed the architecture of payments using PayU and an in-house URL shortening service

    Software Developer, Mumbai

    Jun 2013Mar 2014

    As a Software Developer, worked on various technologies including Ruby on Rails, PostgreSql + Postgis, Redis, Memcached, Resque etc. Contributed to existing rent & resale products and built a few from scratch:
    • Mail Service: Purpose of the service was to provide mailing functionality with a support of multiple mail gateways(mailchimp, mandrill etc). Along with the basic features of sending & scheduling mails, it has features like:
      • Central templating system to control the uniformity of all the emails from Housing along with the functionality of sub modules, template versions & A/B testing
      • Maintain whitelisted email ids to stop the accidental/intentional abuse of the mail service in development & testing environment
      • Maintain bounced email ids to control the health of the accounts
      • Support of in-mail feedback forms
    • Land & Plot Projects: Aim of the project was to create a web portal where user can search for lands & plots with 360 degree panoramas. Used krpano for panoramas and and interactive virtual tours.
    • ACL(Access Control List): Built a system to control authorisation of all the employees who use the interfaces/dashboards at Housing. The service provides hurdle free integration for other services (any tech stack) and an easy interface to manage the authorisation of all the employees. Designed the service using redis & postgres to deliver mostly used APIs under 10ms.
    • Subscription Service: Provides the functionality to subscribe for newly added properties matching to the user’s criteria. It sends alerts and properties over mails, push notifications and google now cards.

    Academic Projects

    Plagiarism Detection - BTech Project

    IIT, Roorkee

    Jul 2012May 2013

    The project aims at detecting plagiarism due to variable or function renaming, function reordering, extra code insertion etc. Implemented the project using lex, yacc & c++. Results were comparable to MOSS & JPLAG.


    Infosys, Bangalore

    May 2012Jul 2012

    Developed an android app that suggests currently available buses which can take user to the destination along with their expected arrival time.


    BTech, Computer Science and Engineering

    Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee


    CGPA: 7.73/10

    12th Standard, RBSE

    Navjeevan Public School, Sikar


    Performance: 86.77%

    10th standard, RBSE

    Tagore Public School, Sikar


    Performance: 89.00%

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