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SQL Server Programmer


  • Over 5 years of experience as SQL Server Programmer/Developer/DBA.
  • Experience as a SQL Server Programmer mostly in all versions of SQL Server (2000/2005/2008), with strong grip in installation and configuration, transactional replication, database mirroring, clustering, tuning, query optimization, client/server connectivity, disaster recovery procedures (Backup and Restore), using DBCC command for database Consistency Checks and T-SQL commands for query processing and making Stored Procedures.
  • Expertise with Development tools like Microsoft Excel (2003/2007) and SSRS for Ad-Hoc Reporting purposes, Mercury Load Runner (8.0/9.0), Erwin and Visio (2003/2007), SSIS and Sharepoint 2007 for making list views. Fluency with variety of databases including Microsoft Access 2002/2003/2007, Oracle 9/10g, MySQL and PostGreSQL and web technologies Asp.Net with C#, HTML, ColdFusion, CSS, VB, VBA, and VB.Net during industrial and academic needs.

Work Experience

SQL Server Programmer

Company Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Feb 2008Current

Infovision Technologies provide cutting edge solution(s) to its clients. I have worked with 3 of its major clients.
1) ATT, Indianapolis, Indiana
SQL Server Programmer
  • Worked with many Releases for management with Major(s) of CAT (Compliance Assessment Tool/IRT), IPv6 and Project Health Dashboard.
  • Installed of SQL Server 2005/2008 with latest Service Packs apart from performing Database Administration and other Management Activities.
  • Setup Logical and Physical design of SQL Server databases for migration using Visio.
  • Implemented the migration from SQL Server 2005 tables and changes in schema to SQL Server 2008, apart from creating new tables, indexes and following coding standards.
  • Involved in Monitoring Performance (Windows PerfMon) of different production servers, resolving deadlocks and re-writing long running queries as a part of Performance Optimization and Query Tuning.
  • Wrote SSIS Packages for transferring data from flat files to table in SQL Server and queried existing SSAS cube with MDX queries to get data, when required for new projects.
  • Used DBCC commands for consistency checks and fixing data corruption in user databases.
  • Active usage of Sharepoint 2007, TOAD, Oracle 9i/10g, Access 2003/2007, Excel 2003/2007 and ColdFusion for Ad- Hoc Reporting purposes.
2) American Youth Soccer Association, Hawthorne, LA, CA
SQL Server Programmer
  • Interacted with the business users on a regular basis to collect business requirements and specifications. Provided technical assistance for developing conceptual and logical database design and physical database.
  • Actively involved in Normalization & De-normalization of database, which involved in re-engineering of more than 500 tables and 2000 stored procedures. Apart from updating the website for AYSO the database, was also migrated from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008
  • Made new plans Disaster Recovery and Space Optimization by following Best Practices.
  • Involved in Performance Tuning and Query Optimization, resolved many locking and blocking issues in old database with commands like sysprocess, sp_who, sp_who2.
  • Involved in discussion for the use of Active Passive clustering for SQL Server 2008
  • Setup the Transactional Replication between servers to minimize the load on Production Servers
  • Scheduling SSIS package Jobs from SQL Agent, using Excel 2007 and Sharepoint List views for Ad-Hoc reporting purposing apart from supporting a 24X7 production environment.
3) General Motors Corporation (GMC), Detroit, MI
SQL Server Programmer
  • Involved in Database Migration from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005, apart from setting up Database Mirroring on different Production Servers in SQL Server 2005 henceforth providing both High Availability and High Performance Mirroring
  • Implemented Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery procedures, apart from Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Space/Speed Optimization and Performance Testing using Mercury LoadRunner Tool.
  • Ad hoc reports on request, mostly containing the design for tracking project end dates and send advanced notifications to user(s) by email and to the respective leads and identified corporate hierarchy to send notifications of missed project dates and escalate on user actions.

SQL Server Programmer

Prompt Technologies, North Brunswick, NJ

Jul 2007Nov 2007

North Brunswick, NJ (July 2007 - Nov 2007)
I did an in-house project for Prompt Technologies, which was to replace the legacy system of issuing orders for projects by using an automated system called the Project Work Order (PWO)
SQL Server Programmer
  • Created dynamic GUIs with .Net Web Controls, implemented AJAX enabled controls for Auto fill text boxes and Update Panels apart from upgrading MS SQL Server 2000 to 2005.


Masters in Computer Science in Computers

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ



MS SQL 2005/8 (x64) Enterprise Edition, Windows Server 2003/8(x64/x86), MS Visual Studio 2005/8, Oracle 9i/10g, TOAD, Windows Performance Monitor, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, MS Visio (2003/7), Load Runner (8.0/9.0)
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