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Looking for a challenging opportunity in the Bay Area as a Sr. Java/JEE or mobile applications developer that provides me an opportunity to contribute my knowledge of Java and related technologies for the advancement of the company.
  • 5+ years of professional software industry experience in web development and programming in Java EE applications on various industry verticals and products working in France and the USA
  • Worked on Global Projects in all phases of SDLC following either the Waterfall or Agile methodologies
  • Worked on Product Development and enhancements linked to Braspage(Brazilian credit card payment Gateway) and Chase PaymentTech(USA payment processor)
  • Experience in various Java EE technologies such as JAVA, JSF, JDBC, JMS, Web Services on heterogeneous platforms
  • Experience using ORM technologies such as Hibernate and EclipseLink(formerly known as Toplink) using Hibernate query language (HQL), Toplink Expressions, SQL, stored procedures
  • Working experience of object-oriented analysis, design methodologies and MVC architecture
  • Experience with several SCM (Software Configuration Management) tools such as CVS, SVN, Clearcase
  • I am a self-motivated and loyal team player with a strong results-oriented work ethic

Work Experience

Software Engineer


Jun 2012Current

Software Engineer

TekSystems, San Jose, CA

Jun 2012Current

PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

Responsibilities and contribution:
  • Support and maintenance of the Corona product features throughout the different phases of the development cycle. Corona installer builds upon the Eclipse IDE, to provide an integrated tool (commonly used plugins, the environmental settings,..) that facilitates all of a developer's day-to-day activities
  • Maven Workspace Resolution Bug fixes

Software Engineer

m-Via Inc,

Feb 2012May 2012

Software Engineer

m-Via Inc, Palo Alto, CA

Feb 2012May 2012

m-Via is a company focused on providing financial services to 'unbanked' customers via the mobile phone, including mobile remittances, payments and savings.

Responsibilities and contribution:
  • Designed and implemented Postgres SQL queries (functions and types). Used Postgres 9.1, Liquibase, Assembla, Java, Maven
  • Designed and coded a servlet and RESTful API that will store an image, sent through an android app, on a server and in the database.

Software Developer

Globalstar Inc,

Feb 2008Feb 2012

Sr. Java Developer

Globalstar Inc, Milpitas, CA

Feb 2008Feb 2012

Globalstar Inc is a satellite based voice and data service provider. SPOT LLC satellite messenger is a subsidiary of Globalstar INC (
SPOT is a personal satellite messenger that tracks your route and asks for help by sending a 911 signal or by sending SMS to friends' emails or phone numbers.

Responsibilities and contribution:
  • Performing maintenance on current SPOT website ( such as code correction, bug fixes, deployment during scheduled releases. Using Java, Hibernate, Spring framework, JSF, Maven, Tomcat 6
  • Designed and implemented a web service for internal purpose for customer care to manage and analyze promotional schemes for SPOT product marketing. That implies the generation of promotional and activation codes, reports based on different criteria such as code name, date range, requested by, and so on. Used Java, PHP, NuSoap, Apache Server, Axis 2.1
  • Developed a web application to allow Globalstar (non SPOT) customers to manage their account including processing of credit card transactions and monitoring usage. Customers would first need to register online for that service to access their invoices, update or add credit cards in the system and make online payments ( Used ADF Faces, JSF, Oracle DB, Toplink
  • Responsible for gathering requirements for SPOT2 messenger features, implementing the code on the Billing Service web service, maintaining the existing code base, doing integration and performance testing, rollout on Production server and 24x7 technical support while adhering to project schedules. Used Java, Tomcat 5.5 and Axis 2.1
  • Developed the login screen, user management and role management section to support Globalstar's Simplex data service. SP Police project is an asset tracking system for the Sao Paulo Environmental Police that tracks incidents on a day to day basis. These incidents can be viewed on a GoogleMap along with related information such as latitude, longitude, assets and the devices that triggered the incident. Added Spring Security to the web application. Used Rich Faces, Primefaces, JSF, Maven, Hibernate, HQL queries, Spring Security, JQuery, PostgreSQL (team size: 10)
  • Customized Konakart e-commerce project to suit Globalstar needs. This site was meant for Latin American customers that would buy SPOT devices online by first registering and then making online payments ( For that same project, enhanced Billing Service web service to make an internal call to Braspag (Electronic payment tool for Brasil) for multiple payments. Used Struts Framework.
  • Enhanced promotional code generation program, a UNIX command line Java program that generates promotional codes to be handed out to customers so they can use it to activate/buy the SPOT units at discounted prices
  • Enhanced free units program, running as an automated batch job, which assigns a number of free SMS at the time of registration or renewal of contracts to European, South American and Australian customers.
  • Enhanced mass activation program, a UNIX command line Java program, for customers who want to activate more than 20 units at a time in their account
  • Enhanced Credit Card Charge program to customize Brazil payments by interacting with CobreBem(Brazilian payment gateway)
  • Enhanced CMS Server module that interfaces with the BSCS Server (LHS product) and Oracle database and which interacts with Free Unit, Promocode Generation, Billing Service and Credit Card Charge programs.

Environment: Windows, UNIX, Java, JSP, JEE, Oracle 10g, JavaBeans, Toplink, ADF Faces, JSF 1.2 and 2.0, Axis 1.2, Maven, Spring MVC, Spring Hibernate, JDK6, rich faces/prime faces, JPA/Hibernate annotation, Log4J, Spring JMS, PostgreSQL, Spring Security, Eclipse Spring Source IDE

Sr. Java Developer

Globalstar Inc, San Jose, CA

Apr 2007Jan 2008

Global Consulting and Information Technology Services Corporation based in California with presence in India, UK and Middle East.

Responsibilities and contribution:
  • Developed an internal web-based customer care support interface using J2EE technologies such as Oracle ADF Faces / JSF / JSP / HTML / Axis / Toplink / JAXB & Oracle 10g, PHP.
  • Participated in all aspects of the software development life cycle, attended all design/code reviews meetings and was responsible for overall user-interface look and feel, programming the business logic, interfacing with customer care representatives and deploying/maintaining the application now in Production environment. The application helps customer care representatives support customer calls and fix their issues.
  • Developed a program for the Billing Department using JMS API that consumes messages stored in a JMS queue. These messages, routed from gateways appliqués, contain mainly the payload of SPOT devices. After being formatted, they undergo the rating and billing processes in order to bill the customers. The program runs periodically as a UNIX cronjob.
  • Developed a command line program that inserts a list of serial numbers and their respective authorization code from a file into the Oracle database. These serial numbers uniquely identify a SPOT device.
  • Implemented a monitoring tool that notifies by email and SMS whether the Billing web service is down

Environment: Windows, UNIX, JSP, JEE, Oracle 10g, JavaBeans, Toplink, MVC model, ADF Faces, JSF 1.2, Log4J, JEE JMS, PHP, nuSoap

Java Developer


Apr 2007Jan 2008

Java Developer

Euro Strat├ęgie Finance,

Mar 2005Apr 2005

Java Programmer

Euro Strat├ęgie Finance, Paris (75)

Mar 2005Apr 2005

Financial Brokerage firm

Responsibilities and contribution:
  • Developed a web-based database-driven portfolio management application using DBForms IDE, JSP, HTML, Javascript, MySql, XML, XSLT and JavaBeans. The application was used by administrators, financial advisors and clients to manage the clients' portfolio
  • Implemented the concepts of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern in Java that allowed interactions between 3 major groups: administrators, financial advisors and clients

Environment: Windows, JSP, HTML, Javascript, MySQL, Java, XML, XSLT, JavaBeans, DBForms

Web Development

American Greetings Interactive Europe,

May 2004Nov 2004

May 2004 - Nov 2004)
  • Acamaya (April 2003 - Sept 2003)


Programming Languages JAVA, C, C++, C#.NET, OCaml Light, Objective C, Pascal, Envox

Web Development
JSP, JSF1.2 and 2.0, HTML, XML DOM, XSLT, XSL-FO, WML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Java Servlets, JDBC 2.0, Toplink, JMS, ADF Faces, Java Mail, Tiles, Spring framework, Rich faces, Primefaces, Maven 1.2, Junit, AJAX, CSS, Hibernate, Spring Security, Log4J, Java Logging, JUnit, JQuery

Database Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MySQL, MS SQL 2000 professional, postgreSQL 8.4

Web Server/Servlet Containers Apache HTTP Server 2.0, Apache Tomcat 5.5 and 6, Glassfish

Library OpenGL 2.1

Web Services Apache Axis 2, WSDL, SOAP, NuSOAP (PHP plateform), RESTful web services, JSON


C# Programmer Analyst

American Greetings Interactive France, Paris (75)

May 2004Nov 2004

K-Mobile was an established major European player in the mobile content provider arena, enjoying top market positions in Belgium, France, Spain and Germany. It was acquired by American Greetings Corporation in 2004. K-Mobile's deep catalog of content consisted of 12,000 ringtones including movie themes and contemporary pop music and rap hits. The company also offered more than 15,000 color images and more than 2,000 java mobile games. This wide array of audio and visual content is compatible with more than 350 types of handsets.

Responsibilities and contribution:
  • Developed an application using Envox, a platform for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which gave customers access to download ring tones, logos, games and cellular formatted pictures to their mobile by guiding them through the IVR dialogue
  • Created XML files containing the location and meta-information about this catalog of contents and search results were displayed on JSP pages after a call to a SOAP web service that would internally parse these XML files. Used SOAP, XML, JSP, Tomcat
  • Designed and built an internal user interface to manage these mobile contents. Used C#.Net, WinForms, ASPX, SQL server 2000

Environment: Windows, Envox, Java, XML, SQL 2000 professional, C#.Net,, Oracle 8i, MS Visual Studio 2003

Oracle SQL Developer


2004 2004

6.9, JBuilder 6.0, Visual C++, Dreamweaver MX 2004, DBForms, Eclipse 3.2, Springsource Eclipse, XEmacs, MS Visual Studio, TOAD, JDeveloper, Tortoise SVN, CVS, Clearcase, GIT, Apache ANT, XCode, Maple, Matlab, MS Visio, UML, Oracle SQL Developer, SoapUI, Hermes, Amazon EC2 (knowledge only), Liquibase, Assembla.



Apr 2003Sep 2003

Acamaya is specialized in document and multimedia content management (Enterprise Content Management), collaboration tools, and ergonomics (B2B/B2E Portals)

Responsibilities and contribution:
  • Installed and configured Documentum, an Enterprise Content Management platform, on Windows machine
  • Developed a user interface that integrated Convera RetrievalWare API and which performed a global search from a combination of sources such as directories, websites, files, existing applications, databases, e-mails. Convera RetrievalWare is a multi-media solution that uses advanced pattern recognition (regular expressions) and semantic technologies. Used JSP, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JavaBeans and Convera RetrievalWare Java API.
  • Implemented business requirements for the Global Search project using Axis web services and XML files. Results were displayed on a dedicated machine running on Websphere 3.5.

Environment: Windows, JSP, HTML, Java, Javascript, JavaBeans, Convera RetrievalWare, Websphere, Axis, MS Visual Studio 2003


Paris Sud, Orsay University,

Aug 2001Sep 2003

Orsay, France


M.S. in Networks and Telecommunications

University of Paris Sud Orsay XI,


B.S. in Computer Science

University of Paris Sud Orsay XI,


Additional Information

Operating Systems Linux, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX 
Mobile App Development iOS3, Cocoa touch (knowledge only), Android SDK (knowledge only), MDDS 
Web Service Apache Axis 2, WSDL, SOAP, NuSOAP (PHP plateform), RESTful web services, JSON
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