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Oracle DBA (Certified)

Monterrey, PR


Oracle DBA (Certified),  
Monterrey, Mexico

Work Experience

Oracle DBA

Xpertal Company, Monterrey, N. L.

Feb 2012Current

Coordinator of the database department 
Responsible for the Installation and configuration of the next products: Oracle Data base, Oracle RAC, Oracle Data Guard, Active Data Guard, Golden Gate for Oracle, Golden Gate for non-Oracle, Monitoring System. Responsible for design: backup and recovery strategy for the clients, Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing, user access control, Tuning of data bases, Data base security, Migrations from Oracle to Oracle, Migration from non-Oracle to Oracle, RACs administration, shell programming (monitoring, backup, statistics, reports, etc.), Data Base Compression, Data base depuration, BCV implementation. Responsible for Presales activities with direct contact with clients and companies

Oracle and Informix DBA

Hewlett Packard, Monterrey, N. L.

Feb 2011Feb 2012

Working at HP(Hewlett Packard) managing the databases of SAT (recollection of taxes in Mexico), Oracle RAC, Informix IDS, Informix XPS, administration of physical space (filesystem, ASM) and logic (tablespace, chunks), performance revision, users administration and permission, revision and execution of scripts, Oracle best recommendation implementation (parameters of the DB, SGA size, number and size of RedoLogs, Redologs multiplexing, index and tables defragment, database distribution, statistics, etc. ). Working under Linux, HP-UX and Windows platform

Oracle DBA

Salinas Group Corporate, Ciudad de México, D. F.

Jun 2009Jan 2011

Job description: Coordinator of the database department in the direction of no banking system. Responsible for 43 Oracle data bases (10g and 11g) under Linux, Solaris and HP-UX Platform, including testing, Pre-production and Production Databases. Managing the databases of Aztec Insurance, Aztec afore (retirement plan), CRM, SIE, Cliente Único, Grid Control, Post sale service and DRP. Responsible for the backup schema, DRP administration, PL/SQL changes management with ClearCase and ClearQuest, source code revision (Queries and PL/SQL), access control, Tuning of data bases, Oracle Stand Alone installations (10g y 11g), Migrations from 10g t 11g, Recovery and Restores, RACs administration, DataGuards Administration, shell programming (monitoring, backup, statistics, reports, etc), Data Base Compression, Data base depuration, BCV implementation, administration of ACSEL Database (Core system of insurance companies)



Apr 2007Jul 2007

Working in the department of standard time and frequency designing a program in C with Linux platform to renew the old measurement system, controlling an electronic switch of signal and an universal time interval counter. This system is composed in 3 fundamentals parts: time synchronization, control and data processing.

Web Programmer - Part time


Sep 2006Mar 2007

Working in the distributed systems laboratory as a web programmer with JSP and Servlets language in Linux platform, for work with a system of data mining with a real population data base and designing a user manager system using JSP, Servlet and text files for the control of the Linux users using a web interface in one server

Programmer and Designer - Part time

Web01x, Cuernavaca, Morelos,

Apr 2005Sep 2006

Web programmer and web designer with or without use content manager system

Salesman and Repairman of Computer Equipment - part time


Apr 2004Sep 2005

Sell general computer equipment, assemble computers, repair computers with problems in hardware (changing some device of the computer) or with problems in the software (formatting the hard disk and installing the operative system).


Bachelor in Computer Systems Engineer

Technology Institute of Zacatepec,


Additional Information

  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated
  • Efficient
  • Customer service and strong organization
  • Ability to work independently and, in a team environment

Technology Skills
Knowledge of the advanced languages of programming:
Assembler C, C++, java, JSP and Servlet, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Action script (programming in FLASH), Visual Basic, SQL
Knowledge of the advanced programs:
AutoCAD, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash (programming and design), Fireworks.
Knowledge of the advanced databases management systems:
SQL Server, Mysql and Postgresql (Linux)
Knowledge of Linux:
Installation and configuration of servers, DNS (Bind), E-mail (Postfix), Web (Apache and Tomcat), IPTables (firewall), Squid (proxy). Installation of packets, programming with C and Java, networks
Knowledge of Networks:
Design of structured cabling (basic level) and configuration of LAN networks with Linux and Windows. Security of wireless networks with Linux and Windows.

Courses and Certifications
97-99 - Studies of computer system technician in CETEC.
(Center of Technical Studies of Computing)
2003 - Course in programming with C++ in Access Learning Center.
2003 - Course in Flash MX in the IEEE Morelos, México
2004 - 2nd Place in the EXPROM 6 of Digital Systems in the ITZ.
2004 - Course in AutoCAD 2D in the ITZ
2005 - Course in Visual Basic 6.0 CETEC
(Center of Technical Studies of Computing)
2005 - Course in Linux, in the ICAM
(Institute of Advanced Computing of México)
2005 - Course of enterprising marketing in the ITZ.
2005 - 4th Place in the contest of creativeness in the ITZ.
2005 - Course of Photoshop in the ICAM.
2005 - 1st Place in the contest of Expo-Multimedia in the UAEM.
(University of Morelos state)
2005 - 2nd Place in the contest of Animation and Multimedia in the UNINTER Morelos.
(International university)
2008 - June a December, Java Programmer Certification Course (SCJP) in NETEC.
2009 - January, Hibernate and JPA Course in DCInternet.
2009 - Oracle Workshop I
2009 - Oracle Workshop II
2011 - Oracle Certificate Associate Course in NETEC (6 moths duration).
2011 - IZO051-Oracle SQL certification
2011 - IZO052-Oracle Data Base Administrator Certification
2011 - Oracle Certificate Associate (OCA)
2012 - Golden Gate Presales Certification
2012 - IZO539-Golden Gate Implementation Certification
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