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Sr. Systems Engineer, Sr. Oracle DBA, Sr. MySQL DBA, MS SQL Server DBA

MegaHard Inc, Buffalo, MN

Dec 2001Current

RedHAt Linx Admin, Linux, FreeBSD, Suse System Administrator, Sr. Systems Analyst, Sr. Software Developer, DBA
  • Handled All Network Installs and Setup.
  • The backbone of the Network is Sun systems running a mix of Solaris 2.6 to 9 and Windows 2000 and Linux and
  • Utilized Perl and windows scripting and ghost for the various windows setups.
  • Created application migration plans for migrating home built applications from Solaris 2.6 to 7 and 8 including application
Dependencies (ie: gcc, gcc+, javm, perl).
  • Monitored All Security and Network and Web Traffic. Utilized various Software packages to perform
Web and system monitoring.
  • Managed multiple SQL Server 2000 installations and performed daily DBA duties and maintenance.
  • Managed multiple CPU and multiple Windows 2000 Servers install and network monitoring. Also developed Proprietary scripts to utilize windows SNMP agent for reporting of system utilization.
  • Developed Security Profile and Models
  • Developed Core Software Products and Marketed to Customers. Wrote Initially in VB 6. Then migrated to VB.NET. The application uses several different Dart Network Controls for SFTP, SSH.
  • Wrote several Stand Alone applications to handle customer information utilizing VB.NET with C# and utilizing XML for loading into Small MS Access DB.
  • Wrote Media Application in C#.
  • Wrote Multiple Web Applications to handle various Business tasks in C#.
  • Wrote application to handle Customer Help Desk function in C#.
  • Wrote two install scripts one in MSI (Microsoft native) and one with the Wyse installer. Went with MSI due to the knowledge That MSI is Microsoft and Wyse is not.
  • Worked on Initial Setup and Install of Software at Customer Sites.
  • Worked hand in hand with customers gathering any and all information for projects.
  • Handled IIS 5 and apache install and setup.
  • Setup Corporate E-mail Systems as well as Monitoring.
  • Handled Help Desk and created new trouble ticketing system for customers.
  • Wrote the auto-ticket system for customer trouble issues using vbscript and ASP (Working on converting to ASP.NET).
  • Wrote part of the Internal Helpdesk Software in DHTML with XML.
  • Utilized UML for Architect work.
  • Process Methodologies: Understand and practice generally accepted systems management and IT operations strategies and methodologies such as ISO, ITIL, and a custom ITIL-based methodology; perform IT process evaluation, gap analysis, and IT process re-mapping and re-structuring projects.
  • Project Management: Cultivate and improve ability to analyze, architect, and manage project plans for IT tool implementation, configuration, development and customization, and operations; perform client project management role, interacting with IT management, developers, architects, analysts, and vendors.
  • Managed Customer interface development as well as customer requirements gathering.
  • Handled Database Development and Architecture in both SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 8i (Investigating into migration to 9i at this time.)
  • Current Subscriber and Member of Several VB discussion Groups and mentor to several thousand developers over the Internet.
  • Utilize Java for several data Server translations and monitoring of security.

Sr. Architect

Oracle Consulting Group, US.

Jan 2010Aug 2012

Dizer Corp.
Cincinatti, OH.
(Used Oracle Linux, Oracle DB, My Sql, Red hat Linux, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris)
  • Installed Oracle Applications for Gold Level Clients.
  • Used Perl as base scripting environment for all clients.
  • Performed Linux Arch. Responsibilities.
  • Used Red Hat Linux and Oracle Linux as the base Linux System in all client environments.
  • Installed Oracle Database(s) 9i,10g,11 for Clients.
  • Installed MySql for clients and provided Architecture for Redundancy.
  • Provided Linux backup architecture using Redhat Linux.
  • Created Architecture to provide growth path for client that was manageable.
  • Provided solutions for seamless management of Oracle and mysql and ms sql server.
  • Provided solutions for gold level clients to proactively monitor oracle and provide more timely
Solutions for support bundles.

Oracle DBA RAC

DB Consult group, Minneapolis, MN

Jun 2009Dec 2009

Sr. Oracle DBA, Sr. Linux Admin, Sr. Unix Admin
  • Worked on cold calling potential clients for db consulting.
  • Used EMC disk suite for sans disk.
  • Used Perl for all scripting.
  • Began certification requirements for Oracle 11.
  • Studied Various Oracle rac configurations.
  • Studied Oracle unbreakable linux.
  • Installed oracle rac on Oracle Linux VM environment I set up utilizing
Oracle VM.

Sr. Oracle DBA, Sr. Linux Admin, Sr. Solaris Admin

EDS, Fort Knox, KY

Jul 2008Dec 2008

Managed 2 Oracle 10g instances. One Warehouse and the other a startup development application.
  • Warehouse size of 350gb and the Development application called ARIS was 4gb initial size.
  • Managed Oracle 9i to 10g migrations.
  • Used Perl for all scripting.
  • Sole backup up for Oracle Data warehouse support.
  • Worked on scripting solutions using Perl and ksh.
  • Provided Oracle tuning expertise where data where house was concerned.
  • Created encrypted columns on selected tables for private data and masking.
  • Performed Development architecture for the new Oracle 11i AS environment porting over 10g AS code to new while also creating new code.
  • Utilized Sun Solaris 10.
  • Worked with Solaris admins to trouble shoot database errors.
  • Used Remedy ticketing.
  • Used Solaris knowledge to help in configuration of Solaris environment.
  • Responsible for creating Development Test and Production Environments for new RMAN
  • Sole architect and implementer of RMAN environment.


Blue Cross Blue Shield North Dakota, Fargo, ND

Aug 2006Apr 2008

Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase), Sr. Linux Admin
  • Created Dev, Test QA Databases from Production.
  • Supported both remedy and it's Oracle Database. Worked closely with the developer to develop Remedy and integrate it into Our Dev environment consisted of DBs that were 1/2 the size of there production counterparts.
  • Used Perl for all scripting.
Our Test environment consisted of DB's there were complete mirror images of there production
  • Our production Database systems ranged in sizes from 100gb up to 1 terabyte(Data warehouses).
  • Performed Siebel Oracle DBA administration handled the Over all setup and install Database and layout
Of the Oracle 10g Database while incorporating it into the Monitoring of the database monitoring software.
  • Our production system(s) were multi-home oracle 9i and 10g AIX LPAR system which held 15 Oracle instances
With an LPAR completely devoted to just the running of Data Warehouses.
  • Worked on the creation of the Stellent (Oracle Enterprise Content Management) System.
  • Handled the DBA responsibility for the Oracle Order Management System.
  • Performed initial analysis for stellent environment on AIX and Linux. Decided
On Oracle 10g running on Linux and placed Stellent software on Linux Server 4.
  • Worked on creating dev environment for stellent with Oracle support people. Converted several generic web sites
To test stellent development environment.
  • Involved in the tail end of the migration of people soft 8.3 to 8.8.
  • Responsible for the creation of the QA, Production portion of the people soft 8.3 to 8.8
  • Supported All Production Databases as well as Test and Development.
  • Performed exports/load on all databases.
  • I handled installation and trouble shooting for all Database instances.
  • Handled in excess of 120+ oracle instances.
  • Handled oversight and management of 4 Oracle Data warehouses. The latest WH will have input in excess 300+ GB per Night.
  • Provided Enterprise solution for Monitoring and trouble shooting entire Database Environment.
  • Moved most of the entire Oracle environment over to Linux for cost saving purposes and efficiency and performance. Turn around on moving was a gain of 60 % on downtime and much easier management.
  • Handled re-architecting of database environments both 9i and 10g.
  • Selected overall monitoring software and DBA interfaces for Oracle, Sybase and MS Sql Server Environments.
  • Handled Database creation as well as automation of manual duties.
  • Managed to utilize old tools like HP Open View to perform active monitoring of DB environments.
  • Performed as backup administrator and created central server to perform backup monitoring of failed Backups.
  • Worked with Development teams to create db environments.
  • Worked with Security and compliance officers to set Oracle Environment up correctly.
  • Installed Full Quest Software Package for DBA Group to utilize in a forward support model.
  • Worked with Development to Recommend Development Tools where DB was concerned.
  • Handled Multi Million Dollar High Transactional DB. Performed Trouble Shooting and took corrective action while working in concert with Vendor and Oracle.
  • Performed Perl diagnostic and performance tuning on several Perl developments.
  • Configured Guardium for Database monitoring for the Internal Security and Auditing Team against the Oracle Environment and AIX and Linux environment.
  • Worked on creating Oracle Environment on Solaris 10.
  • Handled management of Oracle environment on Solaris 10 from an AIX migration of the Oracle environment.
  • Handled Several Multi-Grouped Tasks.
  • Performed single handedly the migration of PeopleSoft 8.88 Oracle 9i to PeopleSoft 8.89 Oracle10g in less than 60 hours with no room for errors or defects. System performance increase of 45% from an IBM AIX 5.3 Lpar to an Intel based quad core machine running RH 4. I did the Oracle configuration by hand while helping with the architecture of the Linux Intel box.
  • Performed security lockdown of oracle databases.
  • SQL Backtrack was used to backup atabase.
  • Created encrypted solution of Oracle tables
  • Handled the creation of the Quest Architecture layout and installation for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Enterprise Solution. This solution was based on the Need for monitoring and DBA Control of all instances (90+ Oracle 9i and 10g Instances, 200+ MS Sql Server (2000, 2005) Instances, 10 Sybase instances 10 & 11)
  • Worked on the Conversion of PeopleSoft from 8.8 to 8.9. Provided all Oracle migration from 9.8 to 10g.
  • Utilized Tivoli Storage Manager to perform backup of all Oracle Systems including OS(Solaris, Linux, Windows).

Sr. Network Engineer, Sr. HP Open view Administrator

Team Excel, Saint Paul, MN

Jun 2006Jul 2006

Re-Installed Open view application on Sun Solaris.
  • Used perl for all scripting and automation functions.
  • Migrated installed application base of HP Openview from Solaris 8 to Solaris 9 with all included
Dependant application scripts and databases.
  • Worked out solution to incorporate Oracle into application to save data due to my involvement with a company purchased by HP to incorporate into Open view called Desk talk.
  • Re-Discovered entire state network found solution to deal with finding other Department Devices. Re-created mapping of entire network of State DNR Department. Created paging script to alert based on location and copy State admin in Main office in St. Paul
  • Worked with HP to understand the New interlink between Open View and Tel Alert
  • Used Perl heavily to configure Open view to perform paging schema mapping and emails.
  • Worked with Department Chief and Local Support staff on a Schedule for new device discovery and limitations on that discovery.

Systems Administrator

UPP Business Systems, Fargo, ND

Apr 2006Jun 2006

RH Linux 4 Server), Security Auditor, SOX Auditor, DBA
  • In my role as DBA during this project I managed several Sybase instances totaling more than 1 terabyte in size on AIX.
Used perl for all scripting and automation functions.
  • Managing Oracle was scaled due to my responsibilities as a SOX Auditor and compliance person.
  • Read and Utilized Several DOD Security Documents to make Security Compliance
Document for Corporate Security Use.
  • Utilized the Security Compliance Web Site at to provide Guidance in developing Security
Document for Government Standards Compliance And Security Specifications.
  • Performed SOX Compliance Testing Utilizing Scripts I Had to Create Using Perl.
  • Performed Security Audits of AIX Systems Using Perl.
  • Created encrypted tables in Sybase on customer data.
  • Performed All Scripting in Perl 5.8.0.
  • Utilized Object Oriented Programming with Perl.
  • Used Several Perl Modules including those I Had to Create to handle Specific Security Tasks.
  • Performed Systems Checks using MD5 Hash had to create to handle File Changes.
  • Performed Systems Administration to Several IBM Risc 6000 Boxes.
  • Handled All Scripting for Connection To Sybase Database for Security Compliance.
  • Handled DBA responsibilities for Oracle 8i and 9i Migration plans.
  • Performed DBA duties and planned for integration of new tools to help with Monitoring and trouble shooting.
  • Helped admin Servers and provided Solutions for Critical DB's to eliminate Down Time.
  • Will be handling the STIG Requirements for MySql as well as PostGreSQL which currently have no STIG compliance
Documentation other than General DB Security.
  • Created Oracle RAC test environment while maintaining current environment to show benefits of both environments.


USWEST COMM, Minneapolis, MN

Sep 1997Nov 2001

  • Maintained and monitored systems to poll live Information via SNMP from the switch network through a function unique only to USWEST. Created Shell scripts to maintain the flow and monitor abnormalities in the system operation. Submitted several patents through USWEST for some of the software ideas. Backup for MDS security, utilizing Checkpoint Firewall. Created several different Firewall profiles in System Setup from Hardening to Installation of Software.
  • Took Several Security Courses to Learn Vulnerability and weak points in Systems as well as Network management. Involved in the upgrade and installation of new firewalls as well as the Management of new and existing firewalls. Worked with various SNMP enabled Management Agents (Cisco Wan Manager, Concord, netcool, Tivoli, and Spectrum). Detailed testing was run on several different Management agents. Used a version of Castle Rocks SNMPc in demo mode to provide the proof that its GUI interface allowed for better utilization of CSRs. Configured customer routers and switches. Developed internal web site utilizing CGI scripting and Perl to access Oracle 8i DB in a UNIX environment. Developed UI for the windows desktop. Provided a better web configuration for presentation of customer reports. Used HP Openview to manage and monitor Specific Web Servers and Systems. Created and maintained several web sites utilizing the apache web server. Installed and compiled added features.
  • Was responsible for monitoring Customer networks utilizing Concord Network Health providing 24/7/365 support and complete systems ownership for MDS services. My Internal Client base spanned 300-400 users. The monitoring Service spanned Several Countries outside the US and Coast to Coast inside the US.
  • Utilized MYSQL and Perl and SQL to provide near real-time redundancy for concord network health due to the inability of concord to directly export from its internal ingress database to another instance of Ingres. Created shell schema that mimicked ingress instance and exported concord data structure into it to provide near real-time. Provided fail-over down to a 15 minute poll cycle in a 100,000+ element environment. Administered MySql as well as update and patching. All interaction with database is through several Perl scripts.
  • Utilized MYSQL to hold router and password information allow for quick and automated router rebuilds as well as Router change configurations on the fly in a 10+ router environment.
  • Developed Disaster Recovery Plans to allow for recovery. Provided Backup/Restore Process using Legato Automated backup.
  • Utilized VERITAS in performing backup of all systems created at us west through the backup team.
  • Created several migration plans involving the move of java applications, networking applications and databases from local data center to multiple locations in the 13 state region of our service area.
  • Implemented those disaster recovery plans for government and corporate requirements.
Process Methodologies: Understand and practice generally accepted systems management and IT operations strategies and methodologies such as ISO, ITIL, and a custom ITIL-based methodology; perform IT process evaluation, gap analysis, and IT process re-mapping and re-structuring projects.
Project Management: Cultivate and improve ability to analyze, architect, and manage project plans for IT tool implementation, configuration, development and customization, and operations; perform client project management role, interacting with IT management, developers, architects, analysts, and vendors.
  • Co-Administered one of the Largest Linux Networks in the Country spanning several states and several major Cities.
  • I was also back up administrator for our large AIX repository that our backup software and some of our monitoring software were run upon.
  • Utilized Perl to do most of the scripting and several other scripting languages i.e. TKL, expect to do remote login shells to do remote scripts across our Network and onto others.
  • Used RRDTool and Perl to create graphical charts. The same API Interfaces were used for several Java projects - some of the projects included traversing across the Internet while maintaining security with encryption and utilizing Sun Java and RMI methods. Tivoli was used For the Network Intrusion and the Web based Intrusion features. Several different Servers Utilizing both Microsoft and Solaris OSs. The Tivoli machine was utilized to monitor both which were split between Internal facing Customers and External facing customers. Handled the Installs of Tivoli as well as the configuration. Utilized Crystal reports and VB 6 to translate data from several Data Sources to present a monthly report for various management personnel. Took Over Responsibility for New 5 Terabyte Oracle Database. Handled Conversion of Database From 7 to 8i. Managed Web Sites that Utilized Apache Web Server to Present Data from Switch Network to internal Customers. Handled Creation of and Implementation of Providing true Redundancy and Fail over of Database to allow for a true sync utilizing Scripts made with Perl and PL/SQL to manipulate large data files and import to fail over system and them into the Fail over Database.
  • Created Several Scripts utilizing both Korn and Tkl to interact with several switches and Machines internal to US WEST to provide better information to Customer Service Reps for Interaction with US WEST Business Customers.
  • Wrote Scripts in Perl to Handle SQL Statements to extract information From Oracle 8i System and then ftp to secure customer Location on a nightly Basis. Which I automated using the cron in Solaris.
  • Rewrote Several Systems to provide better Customer Service and more information to CSR for Better customer relations.
  • Managed Over 30 Sun Solaris Systems Ranging from Sun Ultra 10 to 4 Sun 6500. Automated most systems to alert with Pager and e-mail when systems were not functioning properly.
  • Created Disaster Recovery Plan for All Systems and Placed Systems in the New Satellite Centers around the Country for security and redundancy purposes.
  • Developed and deployed applications in both the windows IIS4 and IIS5 realm with migration Responsibilities.
  • Mentored and trained several junior Administrators on System set up and monitoring.
  • Played roll in interviewing several candidates for possible employment positions internal to the company in the Systems group and in development.
  • Worked with Several Vendors (Sun, Concord, Red Hat, Microsoft, and Oracle).
  • Worked out my own contracts and negotiated sales contracts with the Aide of the US West (Now Qwest) Legal Department for service contracts with Vendors.
  • Handled automation of order process using Access DB and VB 6 front end. Then turned around and automated the loading of information into concord network health (which resides on a Unix Server) for a more correct Reflection of the start time of Customer reporting time. This was done with a VB 6 server on Windows 2000 server and then utilizing several API and Security Controls sent via the intranet to the several UNIX boxes that needed the Information.
    • Handled the testing for the .NET (Beta) development environment Wrote Several Applications for the Procurement Department utilizing VB 6 and Oracle DB. Application Handled serial numbers which were then moved from my Oracle Data Warehouse to a Corporate DB Along with other pertinent information.
    Handled development tasks for upper management using VB 6 and various reporting tools such as Crystal Reports
    • Managed several Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4 Server to current patch release of 6a. Handled install and migration From NT4.0 to Windows 2000 Server.
    • Utilized Postgres SQL to provide back end data holding for Java app to do data plotting and discover of internal network.
    Led several high Profile Projects as Senior Developer and Project Manager roles Combined.
    Have Developed Teams from many cross functional Areas and different parts of the country
    Managed several Smaller projects dealing with internal and external Services and groups.
    Utilized Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for a development database due to the ease of use out of the box and the development Environment being Microsoft VB & VB.NET. While also performing DBA duties and replication of table spaces that were in my Oracle Database for migration purposes.
    Re-Wrote several applications utilizing VB.NET for the procurement Department and upper management.
    • Performed utilization of Disaster recovery of Entire 7 TB Oracle Instance following the federal and corporate mandate. This includes writing out detailed plans laying out the design and infrastructure involved including the network switches and routers to be accessed.
    Developed Several Client server apps to handle data migration and testing for correctness and loading into a SQL Server DB that was located in another US West building in Denver then duplicated for Disaster recover purposes.
    Developed Applications to interface with Customer billing systems to accurately reflect customer information to Process customer frame relay orders.



Dec 1995Aug 1997

Did the conversion and design of Apps to SQLServer 6.0
  • Did the implementation of apps in Visual Basic 4.0 RDO.
  • Did the creation of a web page in the CAC using Java coding.
  • Worked on the conversion of the latest application to Visual Basic 5.0 and creation of controls.
  • Created new forms in Oracle Forms.
  • Became efficient and knowledgeable on all published Windows APIs and found the "Unpublished" API Interfaces to make Applications utilize all of Windows Capabilities.
  • Back-up NT Administrator
  • Performed the Database Back-up and all network and development back-ups.
  • Provided ad hoc report capabilities in some of the applications using Crystal Reports.
  • Consulted on Several UNIX Projects for Perl scripting purposes.
  • Consulted on Several Oracle Forms Projects from Conception to Creation.



Sep 1994Jan 1995

Handled system installations and network installations as well as Data Base Creation in ORACLE and Access.
  • Worked on Oracle Forms analysis and creation.
  • Assisted in the creation of new installation guidelines and software testing.
  • Imported and exported an Oracle database from one platform to another.
  • Set up and installed Networks of systems running on the different UNIX platforms (AIX, SCO, UNIX WARE) and a few other
Operating platforms.
  • Handled On Location Install of Systems.
  • Consulted on Coding for Several High Profile Projects.


, Mankato, MN

Apr 1994Sep 1994

Set up system applications to run on AS/400.
  • Created users and created an automated backup program using CL language.
  • Created Queries using Query Manager on AS/400.
  • Created system prompts for AS/400.
  • Set up system journal logs.
  • Set Net Work interface program called RUMBA for communication with AS/400.
  • Rewrote batch files for smoother communication with AS/400.
  • Wrote queries using SQL.
  • Acted as Floor Consultant for Programming Dept. - answered questions regarding C/C++ problems.



Sep 1992Apr 1994

Volunteered time to the ACS Dept.
  • Consultant for the VAX/VMS clusters and the UNIX systems and AS/400 using different platforms.
  • Consulted on the Networks of IBM and Macintosh PC's

SCHOOL 1991-2001



St Cloud State University, Saint Cloud, MN

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