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Senior Oracle DB Architect Principal Consultant Technical Lead

New York, NY


  • 13 years of experience and actively involved in defining the roadmaps, budget, staff, infrastructure, facilities, and oversee the implementation of the plan for increased growth, maximizing business continuity, and ensure high performance/high availability of information systems
  • Strong experience Application assessment and capacity planning, and tuning performance, and response time improvement at different layers of the application and infrastructure, such as front-end, middleware, back-end, along with the network components such as bandwidth connectivity, along with storage growth, CPU, Memory, power, and physical conditions of datacenters.
  • Strong experience in Application tuning and enhancing performance, analyzing and finding bottle necks on any layer of the application and infrastructure, front, middleware, backend.
  • Strong experience in software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies and process.
  • Strong experienced planning, implementing and managing critical replicated financial environments configured with active-active, active-standby options using technologies and products such as GoldenGate, DataGuard, 9i/10g/11g RAC and ASM.
  • Strong experience architecting, planning and deploying RAC with TAF (Transparent Application Failover) environments along with Cache Fusion and Flashback technologies for high availability and no downtime.
  • Strong experience capacity planning and implementing Oracle RAC & ASM technologies for large scale clients in the financial industry
  • Experience modeling, creating, and maintaining Database Objects like Apps and Users Schemas, Star/snow flake Schemas (DW), Partitions, Packages, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Database Link, Snapshot, Roles, Privileges, Tables, Constraints, Clusters, Views, Indexes, Sequence, and Synonyms.
  • Strong experience integrating financial systems such Broadridge, MarkIT, Routers, Bloomberg.
  • Experienced in designing the appropriate database model, construct, and access for multiple real-time and batch applications such as real-time pricing information, holdings, trades, performance data, and other market data.
  • Strong experience managing highly stressed environments running on 24/7 availability. Strong vendor liaison and client relationship, and retention skills, assuring all SLAs in place are executed accordingly.
  • Strong experience managing environments highly mixed with several different RDBMS products and technologies such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, GoldenGate, Oracle EBS 11i/12i, SharePlex, PeopleSoft, Sybase, DB2 UDB, IBM BCU, Teradata, Exadata v1/2, Ingres, MySQL, and Informix.
  • Highly experience in leading and managing multi-cultural highly diverse teams of 15+, and maximizing resources utilization across projects to accomplished targeted goals.
  • Over 10 years of experience in managing and hands on day to day Admin tasks for databases on several major vendors such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL on UNIX, Linux and MS Windows Environments.
  • Strong experience architecting OLTPs, DDS, DB Warehousing, ETLs, Real-time Replication (Active-Active; Active-Passive), along with DataGuard and GoldenGate implementation systems.

Work Experience

Senior DB Principal Consultant/Technical Lead

BoA Merrill Lynch, New York, NY

Dec 2006Current

As a Senior Principal Tech Lead I actively participated in DB/middleware/app tuning performance capacity assessments and implementation of the recommended enhancements. At (BoA) my primary goal was to position our online trade application site on the top benchmark charts. When I came on board at (BoA), the application was within the 300s position as bench-marketed by Gomez (a financial benchmarking firm) back then. After the whole application/middleware/ and back-end tuning performance and enhancements were implemented, the application earned 1) position top 25 on response time and 2) position top 10 on availability.

Day-to-Day Operations and activities performed:
  • Full operational responsibility for database environment and technologies with hands on daily operations.
  • Create new and enhanced existing process and policy changes to enforce proper application change control management processes.
  • Designed and modeled several DSS/reporting systems off the corporate' standbys Data warehouse (using logical standbys partitioning and both models start and snow flake schemas) to off-load and obtain higher performance on the transactional dbms systems.
  • Manage and lead geographically dispersed staff of differing cultures including 7 offshore developers and support engineers based out of London, Bangalore, Romania, and Istanbul and coordinate efforts with data center managers on New Jersey, Chicago, and Santa Clara.
  • Responsible for the development and support of the database environment that supports Bank's brokerage transactional website.
  • Experience dealing with market data providers, i.e. Morningstar, Lipper, Reuters, and S&P. Financial systems knowledge with brokerage and clearing business (National Financial Services), Broadridge.
  • Responsible for the DB development and support of the bank accounts conversion and merger.
  • Responsible for coordinating efforts between all teams with in house resources and outsourcing consultants and major vendor such as Oracle, Sun, several other hosting providers.
  • Coordinate and track project with MS-projects, additionally meet on regular basis with PMs and Management to report on going progress overall.
  • Tech Lead and Architect for the 9i to 10g migration for all the corporate databases for both RAC and none RAC environments. Also teach lead for the upgrades from 10gR2 to 11gR2.
  • Lead RAC project of 2 nodes, 3 databases with ASM and DataGuard; Oracle 10gR 2, on Solaris 10. And responsible for all major dbs synchronization across the globe implementations using GoldenGate technology
  • Responsible for assuring the implementation of all database products and technologies such as Oracle RBMS, Applications, Grid Control, Oracle Exadata 2, Oracle EBS (11i/12i) MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL.
  • I also, worked with our clients as a DBA/Tech Lead consultant on Oracle Exadata 2 and help them in data migration and performance tuning procedures
  • Responsible for assuring that all the database systems were up to date with most current Oracle's CPUs and coordinated with SAs assuring all O.S patches update were successfully tested and deployed.
  • Coordinate meetings with teams on-going basis to discuss enhancements to database environment, issues such as security and proper use of database accounts.
  • Develop detailed documentation such a DBA run book with focus primarily on DBA routine functions for successfully maintaining the corporate databases proactively.
  • Coordinate and tutor teammates to effectively use all vendor support resources available to proper utilized support with different levels and prioritization.

Additional accomplishments and comments:
My excellence performance along with that of my team's, we made the application very user friendly and reliable, so along with BoA's $0 online trade campaign, and because of this the deposit cash rate went up about 80% globally for BoA placing it as one of the biggest financial institution in the world.
I also was big contributor and collaborator for the Online Brokerage Technology at Bank of America Corporation one of the world's largest financial institutions, where my responsibilities included assisted (as a contractor) with design, development, deployment, and ongoing operational management for web based transactional system applications and hardware infrastructure generating over $100 million in annual revenues. I was also part (collaborator, contractor) of the senior management team that led the conversion and integration of online brokerage systems for two of the largest clearing platform conversion in the history of the brokerage industry to date. During my over 5 years at Bank of America, I held a series of senior management contractor/roles serving as Application Programming Executive, Vice President of Technology Operations, and Manager of Business Development & Planning for Electronic Services division focused on the distribution of products and services through the online channels

Environment: OLTP and DSS system DBs sized from 150Gs up to 4.1 TBs running on Oracle 9iR2, 10gR2, 11gR2; Oracle10gAS, Oracle Exadata v1/2, Solaris 9/10, PH-UX, Linux Novell SuSe and Red Hat; 3PAR InServ T800, EMC Clariion X3 M80, Hitachi AMS, 500, 2100, 2300

Lead Oracle DBA/Coordinating Manager

Health & Hospitals Corporation of New York, New York, NY

Nov 2003Dec 2006

Coordinator Lead DBA for the implementation and maintenance of the MISYS Data warehouse.
  • Architect for the deployment of the Misys Data warehouse project for HHC at Coney Island Hospital. This project consisted of a major VLDB/WH and its main usage it's DSS and Scientific research. Responsible for its partitioning implementation, tuning performance, and maintenance.
  • Responsible for the implementation of major database technologies and products such as: Oracle SQL Server, Oracle Applications Server, Oracle Discoverer Admin and End Users.
  • Developed customized reports using Oracle Discoverer and administered the Business Areas using Oracle Discoverer Administrator.
  • Worked with Misys product development team on an on-going basis to enhance the product functionalities.
  • Developed detailed documentation during all stages of the implementation and also documented the DBA functions for successfully maintaining the product.
Environment: OLTPs, DDS, and WH DB systems sized up 5.7 TBs running on Oracle 9iR2/10gR2, SQL Server 2000, Oracle9iAS, Oracle Discoverer End User & Administrator, AIX 5.2, Linux, and Teradata

Oracle DBA

GlobalTron Corporation, Miami, FL

Jul 2002Oct 2003

Involved in the design, creation and administration of the Oracle Corporate databases running on production, development and testing environments.
  • Teamed with local and remote DBAs to synchronize database objects and implement appropriate backup strategies.
  • Developed custom reports, interfaces, and applications using Crystal Reports.
  • Monitored and Maintained the SQL Server production environment.
  • Administered Security by Creation of Users, managing their Roles, Privileges and Profiles.
Environment: OLTPs and DSS/WH system DBs combine sized up to 1.5 TBs running on Oracle 8i, SQLSERVER 7.0/2000, Solaris, DB2 UBC, z/OZ, AIX

Oracle DBA

Net Import & Export Inc, Miami, FL

Jan 2000Jun 2002

Assisted senior DBAs in creating and maintaining databases, creating and modifying new and existing SQL code, PL/SQL packages, (Oracle 8i). Stored Procedures, views (SQLServer7) and transactions that interact with custom front end interfaces.
  • Involved in capacity planning, space estimation and fixing space alerts and Oracle related errors/issues on an on-going basis.
  • Set up Backup and recovery strategies for Production databases (Hot backup, Export backup and RMAN).
  • Planned and implemented Backup and Recovery strategies for the databases and monitored to ensure 24 X 7 operations.
  • Responsible for the administration of a small Microsoft network.
  • Assisted with the maintenance of the company's CRM database (InterAction 3.22).
Environment: OLTP DBs running on Oracle 8.0, Sun Solaris, Windows NT 4.0, NetApp

Technical Support

Computer Technical Systems, Miami, FL

Nov 1998Dec 1999

Developed and supported desktop MS Access databases for in-house and client use.
  • Installed, implemented, and integrated accounting software systems.
  • Assisted in the installation, configuration and support of Microsoft networks and mixed environments.
  • Provided technical support via phone.
Environment: MS-Office Suite 97, MS-Access, MS-Windows NT, Unix Solaris 5.8/8, SQL Server, Oracle


Information Management Systems Analyst

Tech Business School Miami, Miami, FL


B.S in Computer Science, Bogota Colombia

Santo Thomas University,



Oracle, Golden Gate, Exadata, Oracle DBA

Additional Information

Technical Skills 
RDBMS/Apps: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, SQL Server, Oracle9iAS/10gAS, Oracle Grid Control, Oracle EBS (11/12) 
Tools: Oracle Discoverer DS, OEM, RMAN, STACKPACK, Erwin, Toad, MS-Visio Crystal Reports, SQL*Loader, JDeveloper9i; Secure CRT, TOAD, Putty; Informatica, DataJuntion. Oracle Apps 11i/12i, MS-Projects, GoldenGate, Exadata, SharePlex, IBM BDW 8.2, spectrum 
Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Shell Scripts, PERL, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C, C++ 
Operating Systems: UNIX (Sun Solaris, IBM AIX 5.X, HP-UX 11i v3), Linux (Red Hat, SuSe), MS Server, 
MS Windows NT Server 
Storage Vendors: 3PAR, EMC, Hitachi, IBM Subsystems, IBM Banking Data Warehouse 
Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, IBM AIX 5.X, HP-UX 11i, Red Hat, SuSe/Novell MS Server, MS Windows NT Server 
Others: Secure CRT, TOAD, Putty; Informatica, DataJuntion, PostgreSQL, DB2, GoldenGate, SharePlex, Veritas Cluster Ware 
Work Status: US Citizen
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