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GreenplumA DBA Senior Consultant

San Francisco Bay Area, CA


The Greenplum database platform is a proprietary extension of PostgreSQL. It is capable of supporting big data (petabytes) and provides massive parallel processing capabilities.

Work Experience

GreenplumA DBA Senior Consultant


May 2012Dec 2012

ZData provides on site nation-wide support for Greenplum warehouse databases. Greenplum is a commercial extension of the PostgreSQL RDMBS, capable of efficiently supporting terabyte- and petabyte-sized data warehouses.
  • Prepared training documentation for end user training.

PostgreSQL DBA Consultant

ACS, a subsidiary of Xerox,

Dec 2011Apr 2012

Lead DBA for migrating financial databases on five servers from a data center in Toronto to Pittsburgh.
  • Installation, tuning, monitoring with Nagios and PgFouine. Mentor for junior DBA.

PostgreSQL Senior DBA

Odysseyware, Phoeniz, AZ,

Aug 2010Dec 2011

24/7 support of several online critical production databases up to 185GB in size.
  • Developing Postgres version 9.0 upgrade from versions 8.2 and 8.4.
  • Published comprehensive daily query HTML (using pgFouine) reports for all critical database servers.
  • Published comprehensive dail performance metrics in HTML of all critical database servers (my own custom report).
  • Troubleshoot server load spikes and develop solutions such as table clustering, reindexing, and query tuning which have increased server uptime.
  • Develop and implement security measures for all databases.

PostgreSQL DBA, San Francisco, CA

Aug 2008Jun 2010

San Francisco, CA
  • 24/7 support of several e-commerce production and analytical reporting databases up to 50GB in size.
  • Implemented PITR warm replication using Skype's walmgr utility.
  • Migrated 8.0 production databases to 8.3, performed thorough review of usage patterns, tuned databases configurations accordingly.
  • Setup automated query/database performance monitoring and published to company's internal web server.
  • Developed a custom Nagios script which monitored various performance characteristics of PITR.
  • Created and web-published comprehensive documentation of production databases including ERDs.
  • Extended functionality of a reporting database used for business analytics. This included query optimization, converting queries to stored procedures, and automated ETL operations.
  • Responsible for writing and maintaining complex business analytic queries; some had 300 lines of SQL.

PostgreSQL DBA, San Francisco, CA

Dec 2007Aug 2008

San Francisco, CA
  • Held overall responsibility for administration of 65 high-volume production PostgreSQL databases residing on three servers located in a Washington, DC data center.
  • Developed an ETL solution for a 150GB "data warehouse" (in actuallity this "warehouse" was a simple accregation of all 65 production databases into a single database).
  • Developed strategies to upgrade to PostgreSQL 8.3 with no downtime using Slony replication.

Computer Support Consultant

Self-employed database consultant,

May 2007Nov 2007


PostgreSQL DBA

Airplay Networks, San Francisco, CA

Dec 2006Apr 2007

Held overall responsibility for administration of several development, staging, and production PostgreSQL database servers.
  • Supported Java software developers by constructing of complex SQL queries and other database issues; some exposure to Hibernate ORM issues.
  • Implemented PITR (Point in Time Recovery) backup with Bash scripting and set up trial database replication with Slony I.

PostgreSQL DBA

Sharechive LLC, San Francisco, CA

Nov 2001Dec 2006

Project lead engineer for migration from Windows/MS Access to Linux/PostgreSQL platform.
  • Query optimization, stored procedures, bulk data load and exports, database tuning, security, schema design, schema modification via Perl and shell scripts.
  • Client support via telephone and written documentation.

Oracle DBA

2Roam, Redwood City, CA

Nov 2000Aug 2001

Primary responsibilities included 24x7 administration of development, staging, and production Oracle databases on remote hosts in a UNIX environment for a team of 40 Java and VB developers and QA personnel.
  • Lead manager for out-sourced development of an ASP front-end user-manager web interface.
MS Access Developer

Independent Contractor

Marin County,

Oct 1999Aug 2001

  • Designed and developed several MS Access database applications for small local businesses using VB and VBA.
  • This required extensive on-site and on-call telephone support.

Desktop support and network Engineer

Marin County,

Sep 1997Sep 1999

  • Assisted with design, installation/roll out, administration, and on-going support of Novell 3.2 and Microsoft NT 4.0 local area networks at several sites throughout the Bay Area.
  • Provided one-on-one user support and training. Clients were predominantly large law firms, stock brokerages, and travel agencies.

Computer Networking Consultant

Self Employed,

1985 1996


Engineering Program

San Francisco State University,


Information Management and Training Institute

Rio Hondo Jr. College, Petaluma, CA


Additional Information

  • Over ten solid years of PostgreSQL 7.x - 9.x database development and administration.
  • PostgreSQL troubleshooting, backup and restore, system management.
  • Full ownership of 24/7 ecommerce database servers.
  • Full automation of backup, cloning, ETL, and complex multi-table join reporting query construction.
  • Automated web-published database performance and monitoring reports, including custom Nagios check scripts and pgFouine.
  • Some ETL and data warehouse design experience.
  • Two years database management of Oracle and SQLServer database platforms.
  • Basic Slony I replication, expert PITR (point-in-time-replication aka log-shipping) replication for warm- and hot-backups for high-availability requirements.
  • Experienced in relational database design, normalization, and transaction control.
  • Proficient with all major PostgreSQL procedural languages (PL/PgSQL, PL/Perl, PL/PgPython, PL/Tcl) as well as some Oracle PL/SQL and SQL-Server T-SQL.
  • Excellent SQL skills including query optimization, complex nested and co-related queries, and ad-hoc report preparation.
  • ERD preparation and data modeling using Toad Data Modeler, Erwin, Embarcadero, and Visio.
  • Experienced with physical database tuning and query optimization, planning hard-drive space requirements, and bulk data transfer.
  • Capable of performing basic system administration tasks in Linux and Windows Server (disk management, server software stack maintenance, etc.).
  • Experienced in full life cycle of product development from design through implementation and testing.
  • Source code version control with CVS, Subversion, and Git.

  • RedHat Linux; Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Cygwin;
  • PostgreSQL, some MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Apache Web Server, some IIS.
  • SQL, PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL, Perl, some Python, some Ruby/Rails, some Java, Unix/Linux Bash shell scripting, XML.
  • Vi(m) text editor, CVS, WinCVS, Subversion, Git, Sendmail, Postfix, DNS, SMTP, NFS, NIS, Unix/NT network integration utilizing SAMBA, Oracle Net8, OLE DB and ODBC connectivity.
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