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Manassas, VA

Work Experience

Developer and Database Administrator

OmniTI Computer Consulting, Fulton, MD

Aug 2012Feb 2013

Worked as a contractor at OmniTI, as a Developer and Database Administrator, provided Postgres, MySQL and Oracle database administration and development support to OmniTI and their clients. Detailed accomplishments, responsibilities and tasks include the following: 
* Migrated Oracle 8i batch job stored procedures, triggers and function to Postgres 9.2 functions and triggers, and re-implemented supporting cron jobs, shell scripts and Perl modules for an OmniTI's client. 
* Pushed production fixes and changes onto Oracle, MySQL and Postgres servers. 
* Performed DBMS configuration changes on Postgres production environments. 
* Installed Postgres 9.1 and 9.2 on internal and client servers. 
* Upgraded Postgres DBMSs, performing both major and minor version upgrades (some server configurations in a Chef environment). 
* Setup streaming replication and archiving between Postgres master and slave (hot standby servers). 
* Setup Postgres backup and recovery processes on client servers. 
OmniTI Computer Consulting ) 
* Worked as a 24/7 on-call DBA; responded and resolved Oracle, Postgres and MySQL production incidents. 
* Performed performance tuning of MySQL and Postgres databases. 
* Setup and maintained monitoring of production Postgres and MySQL database servers.

Database Analyst/Developer/ Architect

ResolvIT Consulting, Vienna, VA

Sep 2011Aug 2012

Worked as a contractor at Time Warner Cable (TWC). Database Analyst/Developer/ Architect, providing MySQL and Oracle 11g database development support to TWC on the Budget Outlook and Analysis Tool (BOAT) project. Detailed accomplishments, responsibilities and tasks include the following: 
* Developed and maintained automated SQL data creation and update scripts and associated stored procedures, functions and triggers to update the database in term of: internal functional, organizational and permission data and their associated archive logs. 
* Developed and maintained reusable stored procedures, functions and triggers supporting UI programmers on BOAT. 
* Developed and maintained SQL ETL scripts to load new PeopleSoft Purchase Authorization Data into BOAT, and other scripts to compare PeopleSoft Budgeting and Purchase Authorization data against BOAT data to determine discrepancies and the type of discrepancies existing between the two systems. 
* Evaluated MySQL 5.5 Replication vs. Clustering Architecture; then proposed replication architecture and assisted in development in replication solution and their associated test plans. 
* Developed foreign key integrity constraints supporting the MySQL 5.5 Replication environment using INNODB database engine. 
* Developed BOAT MySQL to Oracle 11g Migration Requirements and Migration Plan. 
* Managed database structure changes for the BOAT database. 
* Evaluated and Recommended MySQL to Oracle Migration Tool. 
* Developed Oracle Database Migration Architecture. 
* Developed Oracle triggers to replace application components for Audit and Data Archiving functions. 
* Developed and Maintained the BOAT Entity Relationship Models (ERDs) and Data Element Dictionary. 
August 2005 - October 2010 Worked in clinical positions in the Healthcare field during this period, gaining clinical experience while attending nursing school. Pursued nursing due to my desire to help people, worked in the field for 5 years, ultimately deciding nursing was not right for me as a career. Details of each position are available on request.


Adams Consulting, Kamuela, HI

Aug 2001Jun 2005

Owner of Adams Consulting, which provided web development, search engine optimization and web marketing services. Adams Consulting served clients primarily in the Hospitality and Real Estate industries. Detailed responsibilities and accomplishments include: 
* Implemented new user interface and features on client websites, improving client services, image and customer support. 
* Designed, developed and maintained small databases for various clients in the real-estate, insurance and property management markets using MySQL 
* Developed SQL queries and stored procedures in MySQL. 
Adams Consulting ) 
* Performed basic database administration tasks in MySQL, such as administering users, assigning permissions, performance tuning and backup and recovery. 
* Increased client sales by increasing relevant traffic to sites through search engine optimization, link popularity services, and web marketing. 
* Ensured the timely completion of web development and search engine optimization (SEO) projects on schedule and within budget.

Program Manager

Microsoft - Bing, Redmond, WA

Mar 2000Jul 2001

Worked as an employee and contractor at Microsoft. Program Manager, provided management support to Microsoft at MSN Search. Detailed accomplishments, responsibilities and tasks include the following: 
 Successfully managed the implementation of operational monitoring tools, including site level, partner and international monitoring for MSN Search. These developed features improved Microsoft’s ability to identify and correct operational runtime issues. 
 Effectively managed the implementation of performance and proxy services to decouple providers from the MSN Search service, improving site stability.  
 Performed capacity planning for MSN Search, supporting the U.S., International markets environments; this enabled Microsoft to systematically build out front-end and back-end server capacity, maintaining optimum service levels to clients. 
 Worked successfully to manage site escalations, architecture changes, new releases and hot fixes, solving both in-house and partner issues, improving uptime and site stability. 
 Successfully managed operating system upgrades on production servers for MSN Search while maintaining service levels. 
 Successfully coordinated data center moves for MSN Search maintaining 100% uptime. 
 Effectively coordinated the rollout of major releases and hot fixes into the production environment at MSN Search, maintaining 100% availability during each rollout. 
 Implemented service level agreements with eShop, Yellow pages and Editorial groups, improving service levels provided to MSN Search. 
 Worked on a Request for Proposal (RFP) solicited to full text search providers for MSN Search Asian markets, the awarded contract improved Search services to those markets.

Principle Systems Analyst

Advanced Technology Systems, Washington, DC

Nov 1998Mar 2000

Principle Systems Analyst, worked to support the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). At HUD developed business requirements and systems specifications, providing Systems Development Life-cycle (SDLC) support for the development of the Real Estate Management System (REMS). Detailed work experience included: 
* Successfully developed business requirements, system specifications, and conceptual and logical database modules in support of the REMS. 
* Effectively packaged requirements and system specification for REMS into components to deal with the challenges of changing business requirements. 
* Gathered the business requirements and developed integration specifications between the REMS and other departmental systems. 
* Performed database modeling, report development, and business logic of triggers and stored procedures, using Sybase. 
* Supported the programming effort, and assisted the test team in functional and system testing of multiple releases of REMS.

Product Specialist

Platinum Technology, Redwood City, CA

Oct 1997Oct 1998

Product Specialist, provided sales support for the following Platinum products: Paradigm Plus for object oriented analysis and design; CCC/Harvest for configuration management; Process Continuum for process/project management, and ADvisor for integrated decision support of project, component and configuration management information. Detailed responsibilities and accomplishments included: 
* Increased sales by successfully gathering client business and technical requirements; qualifying client opportunities, and determining business cases and technical product fit based on customer requirements. 
* Developed and presented effective product demonstrations which were tailored to client's business cases and technical requirements. 
* Provided proposal support, developing technical sections of proposals and solving client and sales staff questions and issues. 
* Provided product installations and short duration training support to clients. 
* Improved sales by educating sales staff on the business benefits of our product suite, client qualification methods and the competitive advantages of our products.

Technology Manager

Accenture, Washington, DC

Aug 1996Oct 1997

Technology manager in the Utilities market unit. Management responsibilities included: project management, client reporting, personnel evaluations, mentoring and counseling. Technical responsibilities included analysis and design of existing systems and the development of new architectures to support client and market business needs. Detailed accomplishments and responsibilities were: 
* Effectively managed multiple engagements by delivering them on-time and within budget; implementing solutions improving clients' business results. 
* Developed a web-based solution, enabling executive management to identify engagement opportunities to improve the competitiveness of Utility clients' e-commerce solutions. 
* Successfully demonstrated web service architecture, web enabling existing Customer Information Systems (CISs) improving the competitiveness of product and service offerings. 
* Lead the development of a web enabled prototype of a Sales Force Automation product for the utility industry using Siebel CRM software and Oracle DBMS. 
* Managed the development of "As-Is" and "To-Be" enterprise technology architectures, aligning these architectures to clients' business processes, objectives and strategies. 
* Performed gap analysis between "As-Is" and "To-Be" architectures, enabling clients to identify and prioritize technology initiatives to close identified gaps. 
* Managed the vendor evaluation of knowledge based inference engines to improve work management of distribution work crews.

Solutions Consultant

Xerox, XSoft Division, Boston, MA

Jul 1995Aug 1996

Worked as a Solutions Consultant for the North American business sales team. Provided technical sales support for XSoft's workflow product InConcert. Supported clients in the areas of project management, Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR), workflow analysis, design and implementation of workflow based applications. Detailed tasks and accomplishes were: 
* Improved client cycle-times on client engagements by re-implementing business processes in a streamlined manner, using the InConcert workflow product. 
* Developed reusable prototype workflow applications tailored to unique client requirements using Visual Basic, InConcert and Oracle DBMS. 
Xerox, XSoft ) 
* Increased sales by successfully translating requirements; qualifying clients, and developing business cases and technical product matches based on customer needs. 
* Developed and presented effective product demonstrations which were tailored to client's business cases and technical requirements. 
* Provided proposal support, writing proposals, and solving client and sales staff issues throughout the sales process.

Systems Consultant

KPMG Peat Marwick, Washington, DC

Nov 1993Jul 1995

Worked as a management and systems consultant in the Federal Services practice at KPMG. Worked on multiple engagements providing management consulting services, and technical and development support in the following areas: 
* Evaluated alternative workflow solutions for the Department of Defense (DOD), providing informed recommendations to management. 
* Developed analysis and design specifications, including conceptual and logical database models on multiple KPMG projects, improving business processes. 
* Provided project management, SDLC and technical oversight support services to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) on the Executive Information System (EIS) project, improving project schedules and reducing risk. 
* Provided technical oversight of the ETL process for the DLA EIS project. 
* Designed, developed, and implemented Windows based client/ server features, providing critical performance indicators to the DLA EIS using Oracle and Visual Basic.

Systems Consultant

Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems AG, Frankfurt Main

Sep 1990Nov 1993

Worked as a Systems Consultant providing technical development and sales support. Worked on a development team to define an object oriented methodology and it's supporting CASE Tool, development environment and workflow solutions, and marketed these solutions to clients. Details tasks included: 
* Assisted in development of an object oriented development methodology. 
* Defined requirements and design specifications for object oriented CASE Tool. 
* Developed tutorial and workshop training materials to support the training of clients, internal project staff, and software partners on the methodology and CASE Tool. 
* Provided training to clients, internal project staff and software partners on the methodology and CASE tool. 
* Implemented multiple prototypes for clients in pre and post sales cycles using Smalltalk and Sybase. 
* Provided technical sales support by developing and presenting various development products tailored to fit client's business cases and technical requirements.


M.S. in Design and Architectures

Regis University, Denver, CO


Excelsior College,


Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, HI



University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO


B.S. in Decision Sciences

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA


Additional Information

 Project/Program Management  UML, OMT, Booch, Jacobson Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA and OOD) Methodologies 
 Systems Requirement Analysis  InConcert and WorkParty PC – workflow management products 
 Relational Database Design  ColdFusion 4.0 
 SQL Database Programming Oracle /MS SQL Server/ Sybase / Informix/MySQL/ Postgres  Crystal Reports 
 Database Administration - Oracle 10 and 11g/ MySQL5.1 and 5.5/ Postgres 8.5 to 9.2.2  Structured Systems Design 
 Business Process Re-engineering 
 ODBC and JDBC  OOA and OOD with UML 1.0/2.0 
 AC Methods (Accenture)  Test Plans and Test Cases 
 Technical Architecture Design  Systems Documentation 
 Structured Programming Visual Basic 3.0 & 4.0/ VBScript/ Visual InterDev 1.0 & 6.0/ HTML3.2/COBOL/ Access  Systems Implementations 
 Enterprise Architecture 
 Host Communications Software 3270 Microsoft DCA  Proposal Writing 
 Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Smalltalk/V PM & Windows/ COM/ DCOM ActiveX/ CORBA 2.0  Users Documentation/ Systems Training 
 Linux/UNIX/ VMS/ Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7  Paradigm Plus/ MooD/Rational RequisitePro OOA and OOD CASE Tools 
 Training Plans and Curriculums  CCC/Harvest Configuration Management Tool 
 Information Engineering Facility (IEF) CASE Tool  Process Continuum Process/ Project Management Tool 
 Technical Sales Support  LAN Administration 
 Database Administration - MS SQL Server/ Sybase/ Informix/ Oracle 10 and 11g  Siebel 3.0/4.0 Sales Force Automation package 
 ABT Project Workbench/MS Project  Development of Test Plans, Test Cases for Unit, Functional, System and Integration testing.  
 Software Selection/ Evaluation  Inference Engines (Rule/ Constraint) 
 LBMS Process Engineer (Process Management Tool)  IDEF0,1,2 Business Process and Semantic Data Modeling 
RAID – Microsoft Bug Tracking  Erwin and Visio Pro Modeling Tools 
Web Position Gold  WordTracker and Keyword Density Analyzer 
Arelis – Reciprocal Link Software (Link Popularity)  Web Development (Visual Studio .NET) 
Search Engine Optimization  Model View Controller (MVC) 
Web Portal Marketing  Search Engine Marketing 
EDUCATION (Continued): 
March 2008 Excelsior College 
December 2009 Nursing ADN Program 
September 2006 Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii 
December 2007 Nursing BSN Program 
August 2005 - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado  
May 2006 Pre-Nursing 
 Database Design  Effective Written Communications (KPMG) 
 Database Architecture 
 Oracle 10g/11g SQL PL/SQL Programming 
 Database Concepts 
 Database Administration - Oracle 11g 
 Performance Tuning - Oracle 11g  International Consulting Skills (KPMG) 
 C , C++, Java, NetBeans Programming 
 Object Oriented Analysis and Design Object Oriented Project Management 
 Structured Systems Analysis and Design 
 Backup and Recovery - Oracle 11g  Information Engineering Facility (IEF) CASE Tool (Texas Instruments) 
 Middleware and Database Applications  Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Version 1.2 
 Enterprise Architecture 
 Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1  InConcert and WorkParty PC - workflow management products (Xerox and Siemens) 
 Sybase SQL Programming  Danish 
 Scrum/ Agile Methods  German 
 Smalltalk/V Programming  Buyer Focused Sales Training (Xerox) 
 Visual Basic 3.0/4.0  Delivering Client Value (Accenture) 
 ColdFusion 4.0  Paradigm Plus OOA and OOD CASE Tool (Platinum Technology) 
 Modula II Programming  Siebel 4.0 Sales Force Automation (Siebel) 
 COBOL Programming  AC Methods (Accenture) 
 Data Communication 
 CCC/Harvest – CM Tool (Platinum Technology) 
 PM Boot Camp (Microsoft)  
 Project Management Fundamentals (Accenture))
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