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Senior .NET Developer

Maple Grove, MN


Senior Application Developer with 17 years of application development experience in an agile development environment. I am skilled in application architecture, design, development, testing, & implementation using Microsoft technologies such as Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, C#, jQuery, SQL Server, and Team Foundation Server. 
I am also a Certified ScrumMaster who enjoys working with product owners and team members to deliver working software on time and within budget. I am experienced in creating product backlogs, sprint planning, daily scrum/standup and team retrospectives. 
Interested in gaining more experience in Ruby and Rails. Currently, working in .NET/C# during the day and Ruby/Rails in the evenings.

Work Experience

Senior .NET Developer

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, Plymouth, MN

Oct 2012Current

Developed a 340B web application that provides access to reduced price prescription drugs. Technologies used for this software were ASP.NET MVC 3, jQuery, jqGrid, Entity Framework 4, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Reporting Services 2008. Worked on UI and query optimizations for the entire web application. 
Enhanced Pharmacy Order web application to allow adjustments on orders until 2 days after the previous month. Modified the reports to included the adjustments. Technologies used were VB.NET, SQL Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.

Senior .NET Developer

Digineer, Plymouth, MN

May 2012Jul 2012

Developed a Silverlight application for a Crop Insurance company using Silverlight 4, Caliburn Micro, and SQL Server 2008. Worked with Business Analysts to get the correct requirements for design and development.

NET Lead

ScrumMaster, Maple Grove, MN

Oct 2010May 2012

ScrumMaster and Lead .Net Developer responsible for leading a team to build award winning software for modeling and predicting energy consumption in buildings. The software is used to help manage energy costs in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, & government-owned buildings. 
Also, I was responsible for developing a Document Management System for users to view, upload, and delete MS Word, Excel, and PDF documents. 
These applications were built using Silverlight 4, C#, JavaScript, SQL Server, Entity Framework, WCF RIA Services, and Telerik Silverlight 4 Controls.

Senior .NET Developer/DBA

Western National Insurance, Edina, MN

Jun 2010Oct 2010

Developed two Insurance Coverage user interface screens for CRUD operations using VB.NET, ASP.NET AJAX Control toolkit, SQL Server 2005, Javascript, and IE8. These screens will be implemented into the third-party web application for agencies to create and revise policies for customers.

Senior .NET Developer/DBA

GoFish Recruiting, Minneapolis, MN

Apr 2010May 2010

Developed Advanced Search feature to find Candidates or Jobs with search parameters such as Industry, Salary Range, State, Work Type, Work Authorization, and Years' Experience using SQL Server full-text functionality. 
Migrated existing database to new server using RedGate's SQL Compare 8 and SQL Data Compare 8. Setup SQL Database Mail to have the ability to send users emails when required by the application. 
Tested all aspects of site functionality and reported bugs to the development team. Assigned bugs to the development team.

Senior .NET Developer

GfK Custom Research NA, Golden Valley, MN

Oct 2009Mar 2010

Designed and developed C# console application for file export process. Created class based off of XML Schema (.xsd) using the Xml Schema Definition Tool (xsd.exe). The class is populated with data from SQL Server using a stored procedure then serialized and written to an xml file. 
Developed file import process in a web application to import research data using C# and SQL Server 2005. 
Worked with the business to fix user-interface, data, and logic bugs in web application using C# JavaScript, DevExpress Controls, and SQL Server 2005. 
Developed and deployed Demographics report in SSRS 2005 for large retail client.

Senior .NET Developer/DBA

MotivAction, Plymouth, MN

Aug 2007Aug 2009

Developed reporting web site for large law client using ASP.NET MVC, SubSonic, C#, JavaScript, and SQL Server 2008. The application uses SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008 to generate the reports. The report parameters are passed through the SSRS web service. Developed console application to move data from a third-party vendor to the clients database. 
Designed and developed C# web service for credit card authorizations using PayPal's Payflow Pro SDK 4.3. Integrated the web service into existing ASP.NET and Classic ASP web applications. Log4Net is used to provide support staff with error information. 
Lead developer for Learning Management System using ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, and SQL Server 2008. The site was integrated with a third-party testing site where users could take a test to earn credits. The testing site would report the test results back to our application. 
Designed and developed Server Inventory console application using C#, SharpSVN, and SQL Server 2000. The application takes inventory of free drive space, drive space capacity, memory, logins, and OS information on all company servers. Log4Net is used to provide support staff with error information. 
Developed .NET C# Console application to resolve regular expression issue with order emails which included modifying the existing regular expression. 
Converted a .NET Windows Service to a .NET Console application to improve performance and application support using C#. Log4Net is used to provide support staff with error information. Developed email functionality to notify the business and support staff of any application issues. 
Enhanced and improved reporting performance for a number of clients using SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 and SQL Server 2000. 
Enhanced and modified a number of classic asp web sites. 
Provided application support for a number of classic asp and ASP.NET web sites. 
Troubleshooting performance issues with SQL Server, DTS packages, and stored procedures. 
Provided consultation on SQL Server to the development team. 
Designed, developed and supported a number of file import/export and SQL Server processes using Automate 6 Pro. 
Provided consultation on Automate 6 Pro to the development team.

NET Developer

Evolutionary Consulting, Saint Louis Park, MN

Apr 2007Aug 2007

Developed Contact Management web site to replace the current Access Application for a Financial Services company using VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML, Microsoft Enterprise Library and SQL Server 2005. 
Converted Online Job Application process from Cold Fusion to ASP.NET. Job candidates are able to enter their personal, educational and employment information for recruiters to learn about their job interests. 
Created Master Page and Cascading Style Sheet for presentation of the Job Application.

NET Consultant

Solution Design Group, Eagan, MN

Dec 2005Apr 2007

Provided C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript and SQL Server development for an e-commerce web site for the KentEuroclean product line using Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Management Studio 2005. 
Designed and developed tables and stored procedures to create, read, update, and delete customer data using SQL Server and Transact-SQL. Administered the daily back-up of the development database. 
Created sample report and instructions for developing reports using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. 
Riverway Clinics 
Modified existing web site using ASP and VBScript. 
Trained user how to enhance the web site through the built-in administration tools. 
Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS) 
Enhanced the Continuing Education Access Application, which tracks training courses Agents and Adjusters attend. 
HealthPartners, Inc. 
Designed and developed automated process for fraud detection and prevention using Oracle and SQL Server. 
Mentored IS staff on SQL Server and the new automated process. 
Converted ASP.NET web application from using the .NET framework version 1.0 to version 1.1. 
Performed bug fixes for an ASP.NET web site, SQL Server, and data component. Released new version of the application and data component to the client.

NET Consultant

US Bank, Saint Paul, MN

Oct 2003Dec 2005

Architected and developed intranet site providing status and statistical reporting for an automated SQL Server import process of client files using C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and SQL Server. 
Designed and developed a Windows application for importing information from a secure third- party web site into a database using C# and SQL Server. 
Provided tech support with deployment packages and instructions for .NET applications. 
Developed a .NET security strategy for the PC Development group to encrypt and decrypt information using Microsoft's CMAB. Created utility to generate the keys to use for encryption/decryption. 
Performed enhancements and bug fixes for applications using C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and SQL Server. 
Instituted a .NET signed assembly strategy to use for all .NET applications developed and supported by the PC Development group. 
Mentored other developers on how to create and use signed assemblies in .NET. 
Designed and developed an automated process for importing client information from text files using SQL Server DTS Packages, Jobs, Stored Procedures, Tables and VBScript. 
Architected and developed re-write of VB5 application into an automated process for balancing all ATM and Branch Teller transactions from the previous day using SQL Server DTS Packages, Jobs, Stored Procedures, Tables and VBScript.

Programmer Analyst

, Plymouth, MN

Oct 1998Oct 2003

Developed a new web-based Retail Inventory System for over 300 stores and Corporate Office using Cold Fusion, SQL Server, and Oracle. 
Migrated VB6 applications and EDI processes from Oracle 10.7 to 11i. Setup Oracle Applications for company specific functionality. 
Designed and developed VB 6 order import application, which imports orders sent via email from an EDI PO file (850) for a large external customer. 
Designed and developed EDI system to order accessories from suppliers. 
Responsible for handling EDI administration and support for the company. 
Created email batch application for Home Delivery service to send text files to a business partner and HTML formatted documents to managers, schedulers, and service representatives in the field using VB6 and SQL Server.

Programmer Analyst

Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Plymouth, MN

Oct 1995Oct 1998

Designed and developed various client server applications for Travel Management and Reporting Systems using Visual Basic and Sybase. 
Created Travel Reports for Fortune 500 companies using Visual Basic and Sybase. 
Provided analysis and recommendations for replacing legacy systems. 
Promoted from Programmer to Programmer Analyst. 
Promoted from Associate Programmer to Programmer.


Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN


Additional Information

Languages: Ruby, C#, VB.NET, Transact-SQL, Linq 
Web: Silverlight 4, XAML, ASP.NET MVC 3, ASP.NET Web Forms, Razor, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP 
Database: PostgreSQL, SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, Database Design, Stored Procedures, Triggers, DTS Packages, Access, SQL Compare 8, SQL Data Compare 8 
Development Tools: RubyMine 4.5.2, Sublime Text 2, pgAdmin III, Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005, SQL Server Management Studio 2008/2005, ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, Log4Net, Reflector for .NET, Enterprise Library 
Frameworks/API's: .NET 4.0/3.5/ 2.0, Ruby on Rails, SubSonic, NUnit, SharpSVN 
Controls: Telerik Silverlight 4 , DevExpress, jqGrid 
Services: WCF RIA Services 
Source Control: Git, Team Foundation Server , Subversion, Visual SourceSafe 
OS/Servers: Windows Vista/2008/2003, IIS 7/6 
Methodologies: Agile/Iterative Development, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Test Driven Development (TDD), Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) 
Automation Tools: Automate 6 Pro 
eCommerce: PayPal Payflow Pro SDK 4.3 
Other Tools: MS Office, Visio, DameWare
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