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Austin, TX


  • Seasoned full lifecycle software engineer with expertise in Java, C++, SQL, and Perl
  • Demonstrated talent in excellent customer interaction and elicitation of requirements
  • Dedicated programming professional with an MBA and an MS in computer science as well as broad-based knowledge of financial analysis and modeling
  • Business owner with management experience
  • Technologies include
o Programming Languages: Java, Perl, SQL
o Programming Methodologies: Aspect-Oriented, Extreme, Object-Oriented, Test-Driven, Design Patterns, Object-Oriented
o Databases: PostgresSQL, MySQL, SQL Server

Work Experience


NOKIA, Chicago, IL

Jan 2012Feb 2013

Nokia is a leading developer of smartphones.
  • Wrote software for Nokia's NAVTEQ division supporting the SVG file format
  • Projects included Visual Products System, a web-based code repository for SVG files, and SVG Toolbox, desktop SVG editing software
  • Mentored junior team members
  • Technologies used include CSS 2, EJB3, HTML 4 , Jackson JSON, Java 1.7, Javascript, JUnit 4, Linux, Maven, Mockito, MySQL, Servlets, Struts, Subversion, SVG, XML, XSLT



Oct 2010Jan 2012

NIH is the largest source of funding for medical research in the world
  • Wrote bioinformatics software for the NIH
  • Employed and managed two personnel. Hired one contractor.
  • Maintained professional office space
  • Worked with budgets and payroll
  • Created configuration files using Jackson JSON
  • Technologies used include CSS, Git, HTML, Hibernate, Jackson JSON, Java 1.6, JUnit, Linux, MySQL, Perl, Spring, Subversion

Software Engineer

Digitas, Chicago, IL

May 2008Jul 2009

One of the world's leading interactive marketing services agencies. Clients: MillerCoors, Kraft, KitchenAid & Delta Airlines
  • Wrote the core framework for MillerCoors, a set of web services providing age verification for age-restricted (Java/Linux)
  • Served as System Administrator for 20 major MillerCoors sites including,,, and (Linux)
  • Received recognition for writing Datamart, a system to support email campaigns, for Kraft under tight and challenging deadlines (Perl/Linux)
  • Wrote software to retrieve data from Kraft's business affiliates and translate it into proper format for Kraft servers
  • Wrote XML data backend for KitchenAid's website ( (Perl/Linux)
  • Wrote geocoding software for Delta Airlines allowing frequent fliers to find closest airports (Java/Linux)
  • Created Ant scripts for all Java projects
  • Technologies used include Apache Ant, Apache Axis2, Apache HTTPd, CSS 2, HTML 4, Java 1.6, Javascript, JUnit, Linux, MySQL, Perl, REST, Servlets, SOAP, and Subversion
  • Roles included build engineer, database administrator, software engineer, and Web developer

CompuSystems, Broadview, IL

Feb 2008Apr 2008

Debugged software to operate trade shows, including floorspace allocation, badge printing and event scheduling
Kaplan Professional, 4/2006-6/2007
  • Honed skills in J2EE, Ant, Linux, and JUnit
  • Debugged educational testing administration software

Contract Software Engineer

, Chicago, IL

May 2005Apr 2008

Independent software developer

Oct 2003Feb 2008

Developed advertising-supported web directory index of software tools, libraries, and APIs for software engineers -
  • Developed skill in Apache Ant, Apache HTTPd, Java, JSP, JUnit, PostgreSQL, Servlets, and Tomcat

Protiviti, Chicago, IL

May 2005Oct 2005

Consulted on-site at Aquila, a large electrical utility company in Kansas City, KS
  • Developed data transformation scripts using Perl
  • Produced SQL Server 2000 reports to find cash outflow inefficiencies in payroll system
  • Interfaced daily with customers and engaged in heavy requirements elicitation
  • Wrote C# software that queries SQL Server, sends the data to Excel, and formats the file in one step, reducing a one-half hour process to seconds and saving several hours each day
  • Wrote custom reports for SQL2k successfully resolving cash outflow problems

Programmer/SQL Server Admin

Baha'i Nat'l Ctr, Evanston, IL

Dec 2003May 2005

  • Converted entire enterprise database with a challenging set of fields/tables from FoxPro to SQL Server 2000 using T-SQL
  • Wrote C# address correction software and successfully completed data transformation

Graduate Teaching Assistant

State University, Johnson City, East, Tennessee, US

Jan 2002May 2003

Taught Microsoft Office to freshmen students for three semesters (nine classes total)
  • Received accolades on teaching ability


Master of Science in Computer Science/Software Engineering

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN


Additional Information

o Operating Systems: Linux
o Tools/Frameworks: Ant, Apache, Eclipse, Git, Java Servlets, JUnit, regular expressions, Subversion, Tomcat, Unix text processing

Apache Ant
  • Highly proficient Ant user since 2005.
  • Used Ant for major projects including Count From Zero website, MillerCoors websites at Digitas, and the NIH
  • Created Perl and Bash wrapper around Ant to enable project standardization and building dependent projects from a standard build.xml template
  • Proficient at writing build.xml files
Apache HTTPd
  • Proficient user of Apache since 2005
  • Experience includes compiling and deployment to Linux servers
  • Familiar with configuration
  • Most intense experience from serving as Web server administrator at Digitas for MillerCoors
Bash Scripting
  • Extensive experience creating Bash scripts since 2001
  • Used C++ throughout University studies
  • Somewhat familiar with UNIX C API
  • Good knowledge of STL
  • Some Boost experience
  • Started using in 2005
  • Experience using CSS with Count From Zero, Digitas, NIH, and Nokia
  • Extensive experience writing scripts to manipulate CSV files
  • Extensive Eclipse experience since 2005
  • Used at Nokia
  • Command line Git user since 2008 for Count From Zero
  • Also used for NIH
  • Familiar with many aspects of Git administration
  • Used at Digitas and Nokia
  • First used in 1998
  • Familiar with most aspects of HTML including tables, lists, and frames
  • Used at Count From Zero, CompuSystems, Digitas, NIH, and Nokia
  • Especially fluent in Servlets
  • First use in 2005
Jackson JSON
  • First use in 2009
  • Primary programming language
  • Used since 1999
  • Nokia: Visual Products System and SVG Toolbox
  • National Institutes of Health: bioinformatics software
  • MillerCoors: Core Framework (age verification back-end to public websites)
  • CompuSystems: software to operate trade shows, including floor space allocation, badge printing, and event scheduling
  • Count From Zero: complete website
  • Kaplan Professional: debugged testing administration software
  • Dr. Lynn Williams: Led data layer and quality assurance teams while writing Sound Contrasts in Phonology (speech therapy)
Java Servlets
  • Created entire Servlet-backed website for Count From Zero
  • Experience in basic JavaScript programming at Count From Zero, Digitas, NIH, and Nokia
  • First used in 2007 at Kaplan Professional
  • Created automated installer for highly customized JBoss distribution at Nokia
  • Regularly used at every position since 2005
  • TDD practitioner
  • Extensive experience, including compiling kernels, system administration, and bash scripting.
  • Managed software RAID using mdadm
  • Used at Kaplan Professional, Digitas, NIH, and Nokia, and home computers
  • Used since 2007 at Kaplan Professional, Digitas, NIH, and Nokia
  • Used since 2012 at Nokia
  • Some experience writing pom.xml files
  • Used since 2012 at Nokia
  • Used for MillerCoors websites at Digitas and for visual products system at Nokia
  • Proficient Perl script writer since 2001
  • Written wide variety of Perl scripts to automate various tasks
  • Wrote a wrapper around Ant for Count From Zero
  • Wrote CSV data importer at Protiviti
  • Wrote CSV schema converter at Digitas
  • Wrote Perl scripts for minor tasks at NIH and Nokia
  • Fluent with Regular Expressions in Perl
  • First used in 2009
  • Always consult PMD reports during software construction
  • Used for Count From Zero. Good knowledge of PL/pgSQL programming.
Regular Expressions
  • Pervasive user of regex since learning Perl in 2001
  • Used at Digitas with Apache Axis2 for Kraft
  • Proficient at Servlet programming
  • Heavy Servlet use at Count From Zero website
  • Also used Servlets at Digitas
  • Used at Digitas with Apache Axis2 for Kraft
Spring 3
  • Used at Nokia
  • Extensive experience at Baha'i National Center, Protiviti, NIH, and Nokia
  • Served as DBA at Baha'i National Center
  • Converted Foxpro database to completely different SQL Server 2000 schema at Baha'i National Center
  • Served as Report Writer at Protiviti
  • Wrote extensive SQL code for Count From Zero
SQL Server
  • Served as database administrator at Baha'i National Center
  • Worked as report writer at Protiviti
Struts 2
  • Used at Digitas and Nokia
  • Extensive command-line use since 2005 with Count From Zero
  • Used at Kaplan Professional, Digitas, NIH, and Nokia
  • Used at Nokia
  • Worked on two SVG products at Nokia, an editor and source control system
  • First used in 2005 with Count From Zero
  • Experience in configuration and administration at Digitas
Unix Text Processing
  • Extensive experience manipulating text using Perl and Bash
  • XML user since 1999
Build Engineer
  • Possess good knowledge of writing Apache Ant scripts. Ant used for Count From Zero website, Kaplan Professional, NIH, and Digitas.
  • Acquired working knowledge of Maven at Nokia
  • Used Perl and Bash scripting for tasks not suitable for Ant at Count From Zero, NIH, Digitas, and Nokia
  • At Nokia, completely automated deployment of highly customized JBoss test server software to development machines. Previously this was an undocumented and error-prone procedure requiring two days of work. New developers were able to set up their local server in minutes. Used Bash scripting and sed.
Business Analyst
  • Performed requirements analysis and created requirements documents at Protiviti, Digitas, and Nokia
  • Worked directly with MillerCoors customer at Digitas
  • Served as primary customer contact for project with Dr. Lynn Williams
  • Consulted on-site at Aquila for Protiviti
Database Administrator/Developer
  • Worked as full-time SQL Server 2000 DBA for first year of career at Baha'i National Center
  • Further DBA experience at Digitas, NIH, and Count From Zero website
  • Expert knowledge of SQL
  • Working knowledge of database tuning, indexing, and performance optimization
  • Completed one year of Ph.D. in Educational Leadership
  • Taught three semesters of university classes on Microsoft Office (nine classes total)
  • Received accolades for teaching ability
  • Take great joy in mentoring junior developers
  • Created extensive Wiki pages to get new employees started quickly at Nokia
  • Incorporated as Count From Zero, Inc. in 2010.
  • Managed two employees, one of whom was a software engineer, and one contract software engineer
  • Managed finances, office space, and payroll
  • Created for-profit website,, a directory of tools and libraries for software engineers
  • Delivered presentations sporadically throughout career
  • Received accolades for presentations at Digitas and ETSU
Software Engineer
  • Good familiarity with design patterns and their use. Frequent user of dependency injection.
  • Take every opportunity to perform unit testing using mock objects and dependency injection
  • Careful not write duplicate code
  • Extensive experience with full software lifecycle
  • M.S. in Computer Science concentrated in Software Engineering. Studied software project management extensively.
Systems Administrator
  • Managed Linux severs for Count From Zero, Digitas, NIH, and Nokia
  • Experience includes compiling kernels, managing RAID arrays using mdadm, firewall security, and user management
Web Developer
  • Developed front-end programming knowledge at Count From Zero, Digitas, NIH, and Nokia
  • Good skill with CSS, HTML; some skill with Javascript, REST, and SOAP
  • Excellent knowledge of back-end programming, especially with Servlets

Extreme Programming
  • XP Practitioner since 2005
Generic Programming
  • Experience using generic programming since 1998 using C++ templates
Mock Objects
  • User of JMock and Mockito since 2008
  • Some experience from using Struts 2
Object-Oriented Programming
  • OOP programmer since learning C++ in 1998
Test-Driven Programming
  • TDD practitioner since 2005

  • Academic study
  • Able to read and interpret financial statements and ratios
Digital Advertising
  • Gained knowledge while working for Digitas
  • MBA and BBA
Real Estate
  • Academic study
  • Active real estate license
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