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E-commerce Developer

Arlington, TX

Work Experience

E-commerce Developer

Fossil INC, Richardson, TX

Sep 2011Current

Updated web pages. Daily tasks included application end support. Maintained customer and employee reported issues with websites. This involved problem solving techniques like running scripts, simulating user experience through test environments and checking web server outputs. Web changes ranged from text/format changes to the layout updates for each Fossil supported websites. 
Developed backend programs. These java programs supported functionality of various tasks on the Fossil websites. Each project, new functionality is created or existing functionality is improved by updating the logic within each JAVA file. All changes are tested through local developer, quality control and pre-production (staging) environments. Most development is done through JSPs, which are written in JSTL. All coding is done with Websphere Commerce developer software.

Universe Developer

Mouser Electronics, Mansfield, TX

Jun 2010Sep 2011

Developed programs and reports. These were developed using notepad++ or a NUCLEUS editor in BASIC programming language. Each program/report is tested on the Universe testing environment before loading into live access for business managers and employees. Programs mostly consist of BASIC/Universe subroutines, functions and dictionaries in order to process data the way the user requests it. 
Provided technical support internally. Answered emails consisting of programming errors and internal user requests that affect company production. Each request is taken care of according to priority. Phone and Email support is provided on a weekly 24/hr basis.

Junior DBA/Java Developer Intern

PepsiCo, Plano, TX

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Learned how to install Viewpoint onto the computer. The software involved were Java 1.5 SDK, Ant 1.7.x, PostgreSQL 8.x and Viewpoint PDK. The PostgreSQL database was setup on the localhost computer by doing some JDBC and XML server editing which could be used as a dummy database to test the Viewpoint portlets that were being developed or it could be used to access the actual database being used by PepsiCo. After editing, Viewpoint can start by running a setup script. 
Developed portlets for viewpoint portal using the SDK. Each portlet that was developed for Viewpoint had extensive java source code that needed to be written from a template. Test, resource and web files in XML were also coded. There was some CSS involved in the web development and some JSP which involved HTML coding. The portlet were deployed using Ant Tomcat. After each development, the portlet were tested by being deployed with dummy data. If the portlet was working correctly, it would be deployed onto PepsiCos viewpoint database. 
Provided up to date status of the Postgres database. A deployed portlet could interact with the database by entering SQL queries which could bring up a table of database information. Another portlet would tell the current condition of the database if it was normal, critical, etc.

Student Projects

University of North Texas, Denton, TX

2005 2009

Computer Science 1-3- Learned how to program using JAVA, C and C++. Developed programs ranging from a basic grade book program to a GUI program 
Wireless Communications- Learned how to use Java development for client/server projects and other assignments. Developed programs for projects used to simulate wireless communication using Java socket programming. Programs would be used to show how the process of mobile communication is set up. Client/Server programs made it possible for users to communicate from one user-end to another. 
Senior Design- Worked in a team environment with 4 other students to create a digital audio recorder which was developed using C++, C#, Electrical Circuit analysis and documentation skills. 
Wireless Protocols- Learned some minor application development work using the Android SDK. Project required a guided tutorial to develop an application to make a phone call using the SDK. Further work using the Android SDK is still in progress. 
Wireless Networks-Learned how to create custom Java functions in order to do different user commands. Programs could respond to user commands such as TIME to tell the current date, ADD for an addition calculator, ECHO to establish a echo server and JOKE to return a joke.


B.S. in Computer Engineering

School of Computer Science and Engineering,


University of North Texas College of Engineering, Denton, TX

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